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Healing Aids For Travel

I must have been a naturopath or a homeopathic doctor in one of my past lives because I ALWAYS bring an arsenal of potions and balms whenever me and my little tots go on trips.  While I totally believe in the body’s ability to heal on it’s own, I certainly think we can help aid our healing capacities when using all natural and organic plant or mineral based products. Here are some of the ones I have just packed for a short trip.

Products clockwise

1. Arnica Salve by MJ’s Herbals -I truly believe in the power of herbs. Arnica is the most remarkable and universally acceptable herb for bruises, overworked sore muscles, tendon injuries & sprains. Arnica quickly brings relief, promotes circulation & hastens the disappearance of discoloration from bruising. This product also contains clove oil which helps relieve pain. My son had a minor accident last week and this helped heal his bruises tremendously! You can get your tub from Amazon.

2. Hemp Cut & Scrape by Merry Hempsters -Oh you know, having a 1 year old learning how to walk needs this super handy balm just in case she falls and scraper her knee or hands. The official Merry Hempsters website states it’s benefits:

  • Speedier healing of minor open wounds, cuts, scrapes, and insect bites
  • Prevention of secondary infections in cases of puncture or open wounds
  • Soothing of pain associated with scrapes, abrasions, and insect bites
  • Deep penetrating ingredients help to replenish the skin nutrients in affected areas

I love that it is certified organic and vegan. Made from hemp and pure essential oils. Available at cutieverse.

3. Ferrum Phosphoricum – According to Elixirs.com, this is the number 1 remedy for inflammations, paleness, and weakness. Fevers, gradual onset of illness. Ferrum Phos is homeopathic iron. In homeopathic form, this mineral goes right into the cells to help with oxygenation. Therefore, this Cell Salt is considered an appropriate addition to any homeopathic treatment concerning infection, inflammation, fatigue, lack of stamina, chronic conditions..  This is available at Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen’s clinic at St. Luke’s Global City. Call her secretary Ayi for an appointment (0927) 987 7079.

4. Echinacea – This tincture I am mighty proud to say I made at home! I bought a DIY kit from the Learning Herbs online and just followed instructions. Echinacea is a super immunity booster. We all know that travel pulls you out of your normal routine and circadian rhythm that can lower your immune system. Here are the primary uses of Echinacea

  • Colds, cough and flu and other upper respiratory conditions
  • Enlarged lymph glands and sore throat
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Minor infections
  • May help combat herpes and candida
  • Wounds, skin regeneration and infections (external use)
  • Psoriasis, eczema and inflammatory skin conditions (external use)

Now isn’t that like a wonder weed? Everyone must have this at home and when they travel! You can source this from Healthy Options or from homeopath Denise Celdran (0917) 847 4831

5. Inner Sense Anti-Fungal Colloidal Silver with Citric Acid and Vit C – Now this acts like a natural antibiotics. Read up more on this here. I got this in a health food store in Bali. I remember Nigel Chen (Dr. Cricket’s husband) explaining to me the benefits of Silver to the body. You may contact Ayi if you want to purchase Silver in Manila.

6. Chamomila –  A lifesaver! I have been using this secret weapon since my 8 year old was a colicky infant. Chamomila helps calm an overly sensitive child (or adult!). My kids get easily stimulated especially when I cannot control outside stimuli (when traveling!). I remember giving my son a dose or two when I was in labor so he was sleeping soundly in the couch when I birthed his sister on the pool next to him! So if you have difficulty sleeping in the plane on long-haul flights, maybe get a dose for yourself, too!  Chamomila, just like in tea, is also a tummy tamer. Works really well for adults, too! I had a friend buy these pills from an Apothecary in London but you can also get the liquid form from Dr. Crickette or Denise Celdran. What natural remedies are in your travel kits? Please share ❤️