3 Reasons Why Should You Travel With Babies

1. TRAVEL FOR FREE (almost!) – Airfares are practically free for kids below 2 years old! Well, there is a minimal fee for taxes which is peanuts compared to a full fare especially on an international one. You get this advantage up until they reach the age when they officially need their own seat. Airline companies set it at age 2. 


Most hotels and resorts also do not charge for accommodations for the little ones, as long as they stay with you in the existing bed. A win for co-sleeping parents! And lastly, many buffets in restaurants will gladly feed your kids at no extra charge. 
2. PORTABILITY – Travel while your kiddos still weigh less and are very portable! Using a sling or pouch makes  traveling with baby more convenient. I’ve done solo traveling with Maya many times. Your hands are free to carry luggage and eat!

This is a trip to Puerto Princesa for a yoga and detox retreat in Bahay Kalipay with Maya in tow.

3.  MAKING MOMENTS COUNT- For parents that work, traveling is a chance for the family to bond without any distractions. When you look back at photos of your young children, you will cherish all these precious moments with them. Most times, it’s all that matters. 

Santi and I celebrate his first birthday at Cacnipa Island in Palawan, Philippines. May 2008

Maya bicycling with her Dad on her first birthday in Prado Farms, Lubao, Pampanga.  March 2015

Go, take your family on a trip and make the most out of it!