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Hop On Hop Off Penang

One of the things I value dearly now that we are a traveling family of 2 adults and 2 kids (and at the time of this trip was 4 months pregnant!) is… convenience. Gone are the more adventurous and care-free days of travel where we would have minimal or even zero plans. Transportation is a big issue, obviously. I appreciate having the extra help and comfort whenever possible.

hop on hop off bus stop

Naturally, the idea of joining the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour in Penang (just like we did in Kuala Lumpur) was almost a necessity. You see, Penang, contrary to popular belief, is huge. Check out the map below:

hop on hop off bus penang

To be able to see many of the sights would take a very long time especially with young children. Instead of tiring yourself and your kids, I highly recommend booking a bus tour for your whole family so you can leisurely see the important sights from a vantage point, as we did on top of a bus. This kind young lady explained to us how the tour works.

hop on hop off malaysia

Since we got on the bus on a good time (make sure to get on it before noon when it gets hot and uncomfortable), we were able to stay on the upper deck and enjoy the breeze and scene.

upper deck hop on hop off bus

Because of the cool atmosphere and motion, my daughter got sleepy and even napped at one point during the ride! These moments really do energize you for the rest of the day.

My children liked seeing many of the interesting architectural buildings around Penang.

my little globetrotters hop on hop off bus

You’ll notice a mix of old and new in Georgetown.

penang malaysia old houses

And totally instagram-worthy places of interest!

Note down where the locals line up to eat. For sure, there will be good eats! I wish we had the time to stop or even line up for this local delicacy. It seemed like a delicious breakfast, whatever it was!

This Chinese Temple was one of the major stop overs for the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour in Penang. You can choose to go down and do a little tour of your own before catching the next bus which stops approximately every 30 minutes or so.

I am reminded of my mother who loves people watching. You can watch people who like people watching for breakfast 😛

Those red lanterns signify how important the upcoming Chinese New Year is for the locals. Perhaps the celebration is a big thing here. Note that for travelers, it is probably is a good time to go!

This part of town is close to the jetty and boasts of more modern buildings and offices with a European-feel.

The Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours operates from 9am to 8pm daily. Ticket prize for adults is RM 40 while children above 5 years old is only RM 19. Tickets are valid for 24 or 48 hours. You can purchase tickets on the bus (convenient!), any kiosks or tour operators.
Hop On Hop Off, Penang, Malaysia