7 Reasons To Love The Smart King Travel Stroller

Many mothers are looking for a dependable travel stroller brand so I am taking the initiative to review one of the latest brands out in the market today, the Smart King Travel Stroller and stating why I love it! Read my 7 reasons below:

hand carry stroller smart travel king

  1. Portability: Probably the best reason to buy a travel stroller! Ask yourself if your stroller is portable + lightweight enough that you can even fold it into a bag the size of a hand-carry within seconds so airlines will allow you to carry it on the aircraft without a fuss? Many strollers are great and all but bulky-ness leads to checking them in and having the risk of a. losing it altogether or b. getting it all dirty (yuck!) I love the fact that the Smart King Stroller is so light that I can single handedly carry it, even while pregnant!
  2. Chic Design: A stroller is like your baby’s car. You would want your child to ride in style, right? What I absolutely adore about my Smart King Travel Stroller is that it comes in hot pink color which is easily spotted a mile away whenever you travel so your husband/Dad/child will easily spot you if you ever lose yourselves in a busy market or alley. Get the picture? I’m sure it has happened to you before! It is icing on the cake that you can order another color for the canvas material which is changeable if you do get tired of hot pink and would want let’s say…blue for a succeeding baby’s gender?!

pink travel stroller

3. For All-weather Types: Let’s face it, the Philippines is a tropical and wet country. Half the year it rains and it would be awful if we let weather get into the way of our plans. Many moms from other countries go on with their day to day errands despite the snow or rain with their children without any help, why should we be any different? My old stroller was awesome, however, it didn’t really have any protection for whenever it would drizzle or rain so my poor kids would get soaked whenever we got caught outside during rains. Or I would end up having my daughter’s face completely parched from the sun on a hot day. I was so happy to see that the Smart Travel King Stroller had both an extendable hood (not just partial!) that would cover my child from harsh sun or rains plus also a plastic protector which also covers my baby’s entire body. Please disregard the incorrect way I placed the plastic protector below. Maica of Smart King Stroller messaged me right away and corrected me when she saw that I didn’t do it right so I eventually used it correctly for the rest of my recent Taipei trip. Lol!

smart king travel stroller manila

Even my own Dad enjoyed pushing the Smart King Travel Stroller despite the drizzle in Taipei!

travel stroller rain

4. Easy Clean Up: Almost everything on the Smart King Travel Stroller is detachable and washable so it is so easy to clean! Once we got home from our trip, I asked my helper to remove everything and wash. No need for lengthy manuals to understand how it works, either!

smart king travel stroller

5. Large Base Compartment : It is a pet peeve of mine not to have compartments for your child’s needs. My kids are always hungry so  I need to pack for them snacks wherever we go. During a trip to the zoo, I had to bring fruits, crackers, water, etc. on top of the usual diapers, extra sets of clothes and all that. I was relieved to see that the Smart King Travel stroller had a wide  enough base compartment to help me carry most of what I needed for zoo day!

smart king travel stroller pink

smart king travel stroller manila

6. Competitive Pricing: Other similar brands are twice the price but if you do a comparative analysis it is almost identical! Why even bother spending more when you get the same quality at an even more affordable price. More savings for future travels! That’s definitely a win for me!

7. Available in Manila! Yes, I said it. Other brands just aren’t available locally which is such a hassle because you hear stories of people having to buy in other countries or asking friends or family to buy just so that they can have a travel stroller for an upcoming trip. Save yourself the headache and purchase locally from Smart Travel King. It tremendously helps too that the sales representative and owner herself is ever so reachable for any inquiries and concerns.

Hope this post helps you decide on which travel stroller to invest in for your future trips! If you are interested to purchase a Smart King Travel Stroller, please check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/smartkingtravel

Inviting all my readers to the official Smart King Travel Launch in Manila this Saturday 3pm at Happy Beans, Metrowalk. See you there!

smart king travel launch

*This is a sponsored post by Smart King Travel Stroller. All words are written by me and I always do give honest feedback. I do not write about products I do not use or believe in.

Budget Friendly Family Room in Taipei: City Inn Plus

family room taipei

Are you looking for a spacious room to fit your entire family in Taipei that is pretty central and isn’t going to break the bank?

I always do my research before heading to a new destination and now that we are a growing family, I tend to mix my preferences for lodging to have both saving and splurging options to maximize my budget. For the first part of our trip, I decided to go with City Inn Plus in North Fuxing Road, Taipei City.

hotel city inn taipei

You can tell that the hotel is very new with modern designed rooms, super fresh beddings and a minimalist but functional approach. The Family Room is large enough to fit 2 queen sized beds for my parents, myself and my kids. There isn’t so much luggage space but we made do with one corner of the room together with the travel friendly stroller.

family room city inn plus taipei

hotel city inn plus n fuxing taipei

Little treats for guests are always appreciated no matter how small or simple.

city inn hotel taipei taiwan

I like that the bathroom had both shower and bath tub so that parents and kids can save time and shower simultaneously.

city inn plus hotel taipei bathroom

It was my son’s first time to see a modern Japanese toilet so he was amused. LOL

modern toilet city inn plus taipei

The hallways are clean and bright with artistic shapes on the walls.

city inn plus hallway taipei

Breakfast is not served here as they do not have a restaurant in their building. However, on the 2nd floor you will find an area where you can have unlimited coffee, tea, water and also choose to heat your food take away. See video clip below:

CityInn Hotel Plus  
No.338, Fuxing N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City
Email: service6@cityinn.com.tw