What To Do When You Have Less Than 24 Hours in Tahoe

On our winter bucket list was to experience snow with the kids. Thanks to our very willing and adventurous uncle and aunt, we were on a road trip to South Lake Tahoe within our first week in America! The weather forecast was good and clear for only a day (unless we wanted to get stuck in the hotel from the storm!), so here was our itinerary for visiting Tahoe in less than 24 hours!

9:30AM We left South San Francisco immediately after breakfast. We expected to get to Tahoe by noon but we stopped several times so this prolonged our ETA (estimated time of arrival). Here inside the Mazda CX7, ready for the road trip ahead!

mazda roadtrip america

11:00AM Our first stop was for macapuno pies at the Sunflower Bakery in Hercules. This is a Filipino-owned bakery selling an assortment of other baked treats, too! If you’re hitting the road, you must load up on snacks for the kids!

sunflower bakery hercules

12:20 Then another quick stop for a meal at the In N Out in Vacaville for my husband and son to try the famous burgers (Fortunately, I still have reign over my 21 month old daughters diet which is mostly non-meat, yay! The girls just had fries and a milkshake while the boys had their fill).

in n out burger vacaville

If you have more time, you can also check out Vacaville Premium Outlets for some shopping. Since we were pressed for time, we left right away.

Soon enough we saw signs of Tahoe nearby! The excitement builds up!


3:00PM Here, we stop at Strawberry Lodge because their front porch and snow is too good to pass up!

strawberry lodge tahoe

Here are some of the photos we took during the golden hour. (It is said that the golden hour for photography is shortly before sunset or just after sunrise)

strawberry lodge south lake tahoe

lake tahoe with kids

tahoe for kids

lake tahoe kids

south lake tahoe

4:30PM Along with other winter tourists, we watched the sun set from Kings Beach.


south lake tahoe kids

My 8 year old son loves playgrounds! The freezing temperatures didn’t stop him from conquering this playground located at the frozen beach side of Thomas F. Regan Memorial Park still on Kings Beach in South Lake Tahoe.

playground south lake tahoe

5:50PM My super hosts chose to stay at the Marriott Timber Lodge. While waiting to get checked in the room, we killed some time at the kids recreation center by the reception and lobby.

kids recreation marriott tahoe

I was glad to see so much kiddie materials to keep them busy. I even saw other parents “deposit” their kids while they go on dates or hit the slopes. Great idea to have this service! Definitely a thumbs up!

marriott timber lodge kids

6:30PM Just before dinner, we finally got to our room. What I liked was the fireplace which kept us all warm and fuzzy.

fireplace marriott timber lodge tahoemarriott timber lodge tahoe 1 bedroom

There is also a fully operational kitchen for cooking meals. I should have brought hot cocoa with marshmallows!

kitchen marriott timber lodge

marriott timber lodge roommarriott timber lodge bathroom

7:00PM We took the courage to walk to Base Camp Pizza at Heavenly Village next door for dinner. Since the holidays is the busiest time of the year for touristy places like Tahoe, lines can be very long before you get a table to sit. I recommend that you get a table by the bar instead!

heavenly village base camp

Of course, we order the pizza. The large pizza margherita was big enough to feed 4 adults and an 8 year old child.

base camp pizza tahoe

8:00PM Watch ice skaters at Heavenly Village Ice Rink right across Base Camp while digesting food (or waiting in line for a table!) There is a Starbucks located adjacent to the restaurant as well. A cuppa tea or coffee would be a good idea in the cold!

heavenly village ice skating tahoe

Next day

7:00AM My kids eagerly scanned for squirrels outside our window. If you are lucky, you will see snow falling. They were happy enough to see the fresh snow covered land. Such a treat for us living in the tropics!

marriott south lake tahoe

This is the view of the ski lifts of Heavenly Village from the kids recreation room.

ski lifts heavenly village tahoe

8:30AM After breakfast, we all bundled up for an hour of play in the snow! It was my first time to try sledding and it was tons of fun doing it with the kids! You can rent the sleds for $5 each from the kids recreation room of the hotel. I highly recommend you do this at the very friendly bunny slope just behind Marriott Timber Lodge.

snow sledding with kids tahoe

I found this other snow-loving kid (only 14 months old!) too adorable 🙂

snow sledding tahoe kids

10:00AM After checking out from the hotel, proceed to Zephyr Cove for amazing views of the snowcapped mountains and the icy sheets from the lake.

tahoe queen lake

Farewell, Tahoe! Thank you for the white winter wonderland experience!

queen tahoe Special thanks to Roman Tioseco for some of these amazing photos!

Marriott Timber Lodge

4100 Lake Tahoe Boulevard  South Lake Tahoe  California,  96150,  USA



7 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Exploratorium in San Francisco

exploratorium san francisco kids

On our first week in San Francisco, we decided to visit the Exploratorium. Here are the reasons why you should, too:

Exploratorium Find Passion

  1. Go to places where you will spark passions. Recently, my son mentioned that he would like to invent things when he gets older, be a creator or scientist. Of course, I encourage that kind of thinking. Where in San Francisco do you go to help inspire young minds?

exploratorium sf kids

Exploratorium is definitely a place to take someone looking to find passions that will last a lifetime. And so, we did!

2. Keep young ones curious. I can’t help but remember the words Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish as mentioned by Steve Jobs in his 2005 Stanford University speech. I wish for my kids to remain curious for the rest of their lives. This is the only way they will learn new things.. if they remain open to experience. There are many hands-on exhibits at Exploratorium that will surely keep your little ones curious about life and the world around us. Keep them curious, hungry and foolish!

exploratorium lights

exploratorium talks

exploratorium for kids sf red

3. Learn in a fun way! One of the hashtags I use in social media is #theworldisourclassroom because I believe that learning takes place anywhere and everywhere, especially outside the walls of a common classroom. Exploratorium is an extraordinary venue for learning because of all the child-friendly art and science exhibits that are both playful and educational.

exploratorium kids skeleton

exploratorium mirror

exploratorium colors

4. Get a chance to bond over science! Awaken the inner geek mom or dad in an afternoon of quality time with your kids. I have always loved science as a child and it warms my heart to see the light in my children’s eyes spark when they see science at play!

exploratorium kids show

exploratorium mirrors

exploratorium san francisco bridge view

5. Let loose!  Some of the installations require for you and your child to let loose to immerse yourself in the concepts. What better way to learn, right?

exploratorium music sf

exploratorium lights

6. Dine Al Fresco with birds! Have lunch outdoors at the Seismic Joint cafe and the kids can watch the flocking pigeons. There is nothing more interesting to little ones than animals up close.

exploratorium birds

Tip: You must order the very healthy vegetarian ramen by the famous Chef Sachio Kojima! Superb!

seismic joint exploratorium menu

7. Have picturesque selfies. At the very end of your Exploratorium visit, you will see spectacular views of the Bay Bridge. Take snaps of this magnificent architecture piece against the serene backdrop of the water.

exploratorium bridge view

…And before heading out, see the skateboarders art mobile and take a selfie!

exploratorium sfo


Pier 15
(Embarcadero @ Green St.)
San Francisco, CA 94111



Guest Interview: Little Feets Endless Summer’s Team C

Inspired by yesterday’s first winner at my Christmas Giveaway, I decided to interview the family behind Little Feet Endless Summer who has been based in Palawan for most parts of their early life as a young family of 3.

1. What is the name and age of your little globetrotter?

Little C or Chase Orion is currently 3 months old.

baby car seat

2. Most memorable trip as a family? 

Our most memorable trip as a family is actually our latest trip! A 3-week long vacation and meeting with his grandparents (Oma and Papa) who came all the way from Canada just to see him.

tagaytay philippines


We spent a week in Tagaytay where we stayed at a friends house on the ridge of Tagaytay highway with the famous Taal Volcano as a view.  During our stay, we went to see Gourmet Farms (they’ve got coffee and cookies!), The Bodhi Shop (all natural and healthy gifts and souvenirs), 

bodhi shop tagaytay philippines

and Ilog Maria’s Bee Farm.  For a little bit of adventure, the grandparents together with Craig (Father of Chase) went to hike the Taal Volcano and rode the rapids to see the Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna while Chase and I stayed in and cuddled.  After a day’s rest in Manila, we flew to Chase’s birth place – Puerto Princesa Palawan. During our stay, we brought his grandparents to the places we love most on the island.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

We spent two days in Puerto Princesa, visited the usual places to eat and hang like Ling Nam, Bahay Kalipay, Aloha Farms, Asiano Arts and Crafts,  Kaingud Arts and Crafts

A must is to spend a day at Nagtabon beach where Chase had his first dip in the ocean.

Nagtabon Beach Puerto Princesa Palawan

We then rented a van for a 6-hour drive from Puerto Princesa to El Nido the following day.

baby car seat puerto princesa palawan to el nido

El Nido, Palawan

el nido baby palawan skipper charters philippines

Check out Art Cafe and Lonesome Carabao in El Nido!

A relaxing day at Marimegmeg beach was needed since the day after we did a 2-day adventure island hoping tour with Skipper Charters where Chase proved how much of a trooper he is when it comes to traveling.  He’s always been good on airplanes, cars, and walks.. but on a speed boat!?

Look at Little C napping on the Skipper Charters speedboat in the El Nido lagoon. Baby in paradise!

skipper charters speed boat el nido baby

Yes. We are so happy and proud how awesome he is.  Chase made a lot of milestones during this trip, two of which is rolling unassisted from lying down on his back to his belly and back!  He is super advanced.

speed boat nursing baby el nido skipper charters palawan tours

Seeing his potential for being an awesome travel companion, we are more excited into making our traveling family dreams into reality. We initially planned to travel all over the world as a couple and now that we have him, we won’t stop.  So soon, as a family, we intend to travel still.

We have lots of plans and places to visit, but first to come home to his other family in Canada.  One of our many plans would be to travel and live in most parts of Asia with Chase.  To follow the summer season: 6 months in Asia and the other 6 months in the West.  Also, to convert a bus into a mobile home and camp out on all the camp sites in the US.

Basically, we want to live a simple life that is rich in experience that will teach our son Chase the most valuable lesson in life.  To be open-minded and be able to live life to the fullest.  And to make the world our classroom for learning.

3. What are your recommendations for staying in a hotel or resort in El Nido, Puerto Princesa and Palawan in general?

I recommend Purple Fountain in Puerto Princesa, affordable and kid friendly. Also they have awesome food choices at their restaurant called White Fence. (a variety of salads to Filipino dishes).

While in El Nido, we chose The Beach Shack since they have the best beach front location.  And we recommend their sandwiches.  Although I advice you to ask if their heater would be working during your stay since we had problems with it during our stay and Chase needs warm water for rinsing.

Go for an island trip with Skipper Charters (www.skippercharters.ph)

4. Your personal travel tips for an infant. 


*Bring as less as possible, it’s more fun when you don’t drag your house.  Since he’s only an infant,we change his clothes often and its not necessarily dirty.  So a quick wash and dry isn’t hard.

*At the airport, they usually let families with babies first. Instead of doing just that, choose to board the plane LAST, this way you keep the baby from getting cranky being stuck on a plane for so long.

baby carrier airport my little globetrotters

*If you use therapeutic grade essential oils, bring them and make your own DIY wipes and cleaners. This way you save money and space.

*Bring lots and different sizes ziplock bags, it’ll be handy for laundry, pukes and poops!

* Lastly! Go with the babies flow. The happier the baby, the better the trip. Don’t expect his schedule to be according to your plans.

5. What are your favorite travel hacks and essentials?

My favorite travel hacks would be :

My doTerra Therapeutic Grade EOs.  I make on the go DIY wipes, sprays and cures.

Portable DWLE cocoon hammock came in handy because we used it as a rocker when breastfeeding to sleep and so useful for naptimes, too!

nursing baby hammock rockwer little feet endless summer blog

baby hammock little feet endless summer

Essentials would be Indigobaby‘s Moonshine baby bottom spray and Sleep like a baby massage oil.

6. What are your next travel plans to look forward to and why did you choose these destinations?

We will be working our way to US and/or Canada. This is more of a family plan so that he (Baby Chase) can spend more time with the grandparents.

Little Feets Endless Summer El Nido Skipper Charters

To follow their family adventures, read more stories at www.littlefeetsendlesssummer.com


A Christmas Giveaway!

I’m feeling generous since my sponsors have spoiled me silly this year. So, for the next 5 days I will be giving away different gifts from some of these amazing homegrown Filipino brands which I use on me and my kids at home and when we travel  ❤️
Up for grabs are the following (not giving in any particular order):

1. INDIGObaby Boncho or breastfeeding poncho

2. Ysabel’s Daughter Green Apple Slimming Lotion and Coffee Arabica Firming Scrub Bar

3. Messy Baby’s trio travel friendly pack (toy & surface cleaner, pocket sanitizer, and bug repellent cologne)

4. Oasis Baby Oil by Planet Noah :100% plant-based and natural ingredients with COLLOIDAL OATMEAL, ALOE VERA and CALENDULA

5. Fluffy Pwets gift certificates worth Php900


Winner must be able to pick up the prize from San Juan, Metro Manila OR South San Francisco, California (yes I am opening this promo to my Bay Area readers! Yay!)

You must be following My Little Globetrotters on Facebook and on Instagram. Just post a photo on Instagram and Facebook with your little tots and tag @mylittleglobetrotters with hashtags #MyLittleGlobetrotters AND #MLGChristmasGiveaways

For the next 5 days, I will be choosing one winner everyday! Make sure your account is set to public so I can view it 🙂 That’s it! Good luck to my readers!


What To Buy at Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm

A trip to Tagaytay is never complete without a visit to Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm in nearby Cavite. IMG_2816

You would be lucky if you spot the owner for a chat about living the quiet provincial life. Once, we got to and he spoke about raising his family away from busy Manila in this 10 hectare property. I can never forget the time he showed us how he would cook his meals from his self-made brick oven. I swear, people who choose to live in the province despite a big-city upbringing are so very interesting! Read more on their family’s natural way of living here.


Aside from showing your kids around this bee-haven, here are some of the things you can purchase from their shop!

Honey Cider Vinegar is a health tonic which can keep your body alkaline. You can sneak this into your kids juice or salad spread.IMG_2818

The Honey Propolis Throat Spray is a favorite of mine because not only is it so handy and travel-friendly, it is also very potent to work really well (if you’re starting to get an itchy throat from an infection/virus/inflammation)!IMG_2819


Throw away your chemical-laden toothpaste and purchase their Propolis Tooth Powder instead!IMG_2820

The Bee Propolis Gold is another favorite of mine because it comes in a small sized container which is so useful for when your immunity crashes from traveling! What I do is just squirt it into my mouth and my kids are also so used to taking (natural) medicine like these that they don”t even flinch when taking any of these or the homeopathic remedies I give.IMG_2821

There is so much soap choices and my top choice is their Bamboo Charcoal Bergamot Soap which exfoliates, whitens, absorbs skin toxins and deodorizes.


TIP: Do not go on a Monday because they are closed on Mondays. Also, make sure to bring cash because they do not accept credit card payments.

Address: Km 47 Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 1, Silang, 4118 Cavite
Mobile: 0917-5039156
Email: info@ilogmaria.com

Why You Must Take Your Whole Family to Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay

Last weekend, my family was able to reconnect with nature and with ourselves through a short and sweet visit to Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City, Philippines. Previously known as a destination for honeymooners and detoxification purposees only, Nurture Wellness Village is now also gaining a name for families that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Conviently located only 2 hours away from Manila, this is the perfect nearby getaway for weekends!

nurture wellness village hut

Dine in the majestic hall underneath these beautiful capiz lamps. It is obvious that they do wedding banquets often!

nurture wellness village diningExpect to eat fresh, organic produce from the farm served in the buffet meals. If you are vegetarian or have any food allergies, please contact them beforehand so they can prepare appropriately for you.



nurture wellness village vegetables

There is a whole lot of activities available for kids to do! My son played foosball, pretended to cook with the traditional Filipino earthenware, learned how to grind coffee, played chess, enjoyed the swing in the playground but he hung out the most at the family-sized trampoline which is so amazing for health, too!

nurture wellness village play areanurture wellness village palayok nurture wellness village coffee grind  nurture wellness village trampoline nurture wellness village kalesa nurture wellness village slide  nurture wellness village chess nurture wellness village for kids nurture wellness village family trampoline

While the kids were busy played endlessly under the supervision of the nanny, my husband and I got pampered at the spa with the Filipino hilot massage which was pure divine bliss! I highly recommend this (and bringing a nanny with you, if you can to be able to enjoy much needed R&R).

nurture wellness village massage hilot

This was the room where we stayed. Rosal is originally a room for 2 but we had an extra bed placed. You may do this upon request for an extra fee if you have children.

nurture wellness village rosal room

The glam tents looked so lovely under the string of light bulbs at night. We didn’t get to experience sleeping in a tent but it is definitely on our bucketlist for when the kids are a little bit older. The option for Glamping is available all year round at Nurture Wellness Village.

nurture wellness village glamping

The Farmacy is Nurture Wellness Village’s shop for organic fruit and vegetables. Situated right by the reception, this is where I purchased my week’s worth of veggies while checking out.   1 Farmacy Nurture Spa

I hope to have given you a glimpse of how green our weekend was! I wasn’t able to do the organic farm visit but I intend to the next time we visit. This is definitely a must with the kids!

Nurture Wellness Village Hotel and Spa
Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay, Luzon 4120, Philippines
Mobile: +63 918 888 8772
Telephone: +63 2 710 9786
Email: info@nurture.com.ph