Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Last month, we decided to have a family moon to celebrated our late holidays. We flew in after the New Year and my son ended up missing a few days of school but it doesnt matter because we really wanted to bond as a family before my husband left for work in the islands back home.

Malaysia was a new destination for the whole family, a country we haven’t ticked off our bucket-list together as a unit. So, we booked our tickets in advance with our favorite low cost airline, Air Asia. The plan was to stay a few days in Kuala Lumpur before traveling to Penang where my husband and my kids have not been. I previously researched on where we could possibly do some R & R and found out about Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. This place had some very high reviews online so we had to experience it for ourselves and it did not disappoint at all!

hard rock hotel batu ferringhi

Oh, we were so envious of the people who has direct swimming pool access from their rooms although realistically, this may not be the safest choice for families with very young children.

The winning factor for Hard Rock Hotel is their water park themed pool which was superb for the kids! My children literally stayed, swam and played here all day because they were having such a blast!

pools hard rock hotel penang

They even have cool activities such as this pillow fight on a balance beam in the pool!

And because the kids expelled so much energy at the pool, they become very, very hungry. Good thing there are good pool-side grub for eats!

Here’s the kiddie menu (very affordable, if you ask me considering this is inside a top hotel!)

hard rock hotel penang kids menu

And the regular adults pizza menu. Obviously, they specialize in pizza 🙂

hard rock hotel pizza menu

And so we ordered the best thing on the menu!

hard rock hotel pizza

For people who want to protect their skin from the harsh sun, Hard Rock Hotel has canopies all over the pools where you can sunbathe without over exposing yourself. This is where we chose to watch over our kids and eat our snacks as well!

hard rock hotel penang poolside

We were so amazed by the birds just flocking over to us. Unlike the Maya birds we are accustomed to back home in the Philippines, the birds hanging out with us were more of a rare species it seems. I was able to catch a snapshot of one and am totally amused that we can go bird watching just by the pool of Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, Malaysia without any binoculars. What a treat!

birds in malaysia

And to those beach lovers like us, we couldn’t resist the call of the ocean so one morning we took a stroll by the sea to check out the scene.

hard rock hotel batu ferringhi

I can imagine it would be so nice to exercise here as there aren’t that much people in sight.

hard rock hotel penang beach

It was a trip to see a horse on the beach.

batu ferringhi beach

For couples with older kids wanting time of their own, they can choose to “deposit” their children 3 years – 12 years old at the Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club for age appropriate activities for the young ones.

hard rock roxity kids club

Since my darling daughter didn’t meet the age minimum of 3 years old, we weren’t able to try it out. Oh, but she wanted to go inside! Better luck next time, I guess!

hard rock roxity kids club penang

Another highlight was the Roxity Kid’s Suite because they have a whole different section only for your children in the room. A pull out double bed which is super comfortable for 2 children. I could even fit next to my child because at night I would put my younger one to sleep before transferring to the main king sized bed next to my husband.

hard rock hotel roxity kids suite penang

These sweet details for the kids make our hearts sing with delight!

kids suite hard rock hotel

This room situation is totally ideal for couples wanting some space and alone time at night! Yes, the kid’s section has a sliding door so you can actually close off your own much needed space!

hard hotel hotel penang king sized bed

Feeling inspired by Elvis Presley or John Lennon? You can listen to your rock idols in the room with their endless music selection of music legends.

bathroom hard rock hotel penang

bathroom hard rock hotel

Love the humor!

hard rock hotel asia

You’ll see tons of memorabilia from famous rockstars displayed all over the hotel.

guitar hard rock hotel

the beatles hard rock hotel

We genuinely enjoyed the breakfast buffet which had a nice selection of cuisine.

Of course I chose mostly the local Malaysian eats because I know I wouldn’t have access to these dishes back home. I absolutely love anything “Nasi” and honestly, craving for it at this moment as I type.

At night, there are days where local bands play live music and my husband thoroughly enjoyed and even brought my daughter for some musical exposure 🙂

Hard Rock Hotel
Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Palais De Chine: A Family Friendly Hotel Splurge in Taipei

As mentioned in previous posts, I like to choose several types of accommodations in different destinations. For those on a budget, you may opt to save the first few days and then splurge for on the very last day/s. This way, the combination makes you appreciate each city more as you are exposed to different kinds of people from all walks of life. It’s a nice way to meet the locals too when you roam around the streets nearby.

For your family-friendly splurge option in Taipei, consider Palais De Chine which is located right beside a shopping mall which also has a bus terminal and and metro station connected to it. So for convenience, this is a great place to be when traveling with young children as you don’t need to walk too far for transportation to get around. Alternatively, you can also ask the kind staff from the concierge for a taxi which we chose to do for some places when we took the stroller, too!

buffet palais de chine taipei

You can tell how awesome a hotel will be judging from the looks of the entrance and lobby, right?! The decor was quite festive for the holidays so we did enjoy taking snaps with the kids.

palais de chine

palais de chine lobby taipei

palais de chine taiwan

The first thing I always check in every hotel is how comfortable the beds are. It is so important for me since I’m a mom that values her rest and sleep (especially with 2 babies in tow when traveling!) So, we were all quite pleased with the beds. Yes, I could fit with two of my babies, too! A 9-year old and a 2-year old slept soundly next to me 🙂

palais de chine hotel taipei

Even my own parents who are in their senior years enjoyed snoozing in their plush robes and firm mattresses (so important for spinal health!). Another important factor too is how big the rooms are — the size of the living space did not disappoint as well.

family friendly rooms palais de chine taipei taiwan

Another winner feature is their separate shower and tub (I am thinking it was meant for honeymooners BUT worked out great for families too since kids can burn off excess energy in the water or relax too at the end of the day.

palais de chine family room tub

Of course, did momma took some time out to be with her kiddos and brought out rubber ducky to play!

tub palais de chine

It was so sweet of Palais De Chine to send some Chinese Horoscope themed cupcakes for us to enjoy upon checking in. These little details are also what makes you appreciate an establishment more. Plus cookie points for them!

palais de chine cupcake taipei taiwan

Since the floor of our room was on a high level, my kids got to enjoy watching the train and cars pass by. All the signages looked so foreign because it wasn’t in the english language so I am sure it was trippy for my son because he couldn’t attempt to read any of the signs.

palais de chine city view taipei

As you can see, the theme of the hotel reminds you of the royal ages of the past. Since the mood and lighting is quite dark all around, it is suitable for refuge. We definitely snoozed a lot!

The daily breakfast buffet offered a lot of local dishes to try. I tried most of the ones without meat.

I was happy to see fresh honey offered!

My son stuck to what looked familiar to him.

Fresh juices, yay!

I made it a point to get a ton of greens from the salad bar for fiber (so important when traveling, too!).

Palais de Chine is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. For families wanting a place to relax with their young children in a bustling city like Taipei. I highly recommend Palais de Chine!
Palais De Chine
Datong District Taipei
103 Chengde

Plaza Premium Lounge in Taipei

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

Welcome to my world of traveling with young children. We’re all too familiar with the common scene in the airport. Let’s face it, traveling can put anyone, no matter what age out of rhythm. Long lines, flight delays, circadian rhythm totally out of cycle! You end up with cranky, tired and hungry kids with even more exhausted parents needing a quiet and comfortable place to rest and eat decent food!

I finally tried the Plaza Premium Lounge service at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport because we left Taipei on an ungodly hour. I do like the edgy and modern decent with clean lines and atmosphere.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

You can choose to sleep in dimly lit rooms with couches or get a working pod where you can set up your laptop and have your own space and privacy. What a luxury to have in airports!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Hungryyyy kids!

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

On the menu that evening for freshly cooked hot meals:

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

Salads, yogurt, fresh fruits to tide one over while waiting for your hot meal order.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

hot meals taipei plaza lounge

Every nook and corner has sockets for recharging our laptops, cellphones and other electronics.

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Our little haven of peace and refuge!

plaza lounge taiwan

Filling up our bellies before another red eye flight. For the adults, there are also alcoholicabeverage

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Yawn! Children get to snooze, too!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Clean bathrooms too to freshen up right before your flight!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 1 Zone D) is open 24 hours daily.

Located right above the Departure Immigration Hall, the Plaza Premium Lounge opens 24 hours a day for your convenience. Guests are more than welcomed to enjoy comfortable seating and some light food and beverages. Besides complimentary Wi-Fi, telephone service is also available to keep guests connected all the time.

4/F, Terminal 1, Departure Hall, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Book for your passes here.