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Ferry From Penang to Georgetown, Malaysia

Sorry for the long leave of absence, folks! This family had a looot of transitions lately. Aside from moving homes, I also gave birth and started homeschooling! So please forgive me for being awfully quiet. You can still follow our Palawan adventures in social media (Instagram @mylittleglobetrotters) where I post more often.

For now, let me backtrack and give you some info on our ferry trip from Penang train station to Georgetown, Malaysia.

If you’re traveling while pregnant (which I was!) you can manage to stay in the very front of the line while waiting for the ferry to dock from Georgetown. I believe it comes every hour so we got the first ferry schedule out in the morning. The fees are very affordable, just a few Malaysian Ringgit per person!

This is what the ferry looks like.

Yes, you’re practically jammed up with cars and motorcycles so I suggest you bring out your hanky if you don’t want to inhale toxic fumes (because some motorists don’t turn their engine off during the short trip!).

Once you lang in Georgetown, make sure you know the address and name of your hotel with map to get to the place as some taxi drivers aren’t familiar with many of the newer or less famous ones.