Family Friendly Itineraries for El Nido, Palawan

It’s not fresh news that we have moved to the no. 1 island in the world. If you’ve been following our Instagram account (@mylittleglobetrotters) you would know that by now! We’ve been living in an island paradise for almost a year already by this month. Time flies! It’s the reason WHY I have been so quiet and took a long blog break (mostly because I got pregnant and had to focus on my homebirth and care for my new baby plus homeschool!). Yes. I’ve got a looot on my plate BUT I still love to write and share stories so I’m keeping the blog to document not just our worldly adventures but stories from our new home – El Nido, Palawan!

Here’s my top recommendations for family-friendly itineraries in El Nido (if you just have 1 day, just focus and read Day 1, if you’ve got 2 days, then move on to day 2 and so on and so forth…)
Day 1

  • Do a whole day private island hopping tour on speed boat with Skipper Charters. This already includes buffet lunch on one of the islands. Ideally, you should email them to book a month before since they get booked especially on peak season.
  • Authentic Filipino dinner at Tambok’s. Must try dishes for me are Laswa Soup, Pansit Buko (noodles made from coconuts with vegetables!) and Chicken Inasal. The kids will probably like the Sago Gula for dessert! If you’re dining on a weekend, best to call ahead to reserve a table for your family as this place gets packed for dinner.

Day 2

  • Breakfast and coffee in town at Botanica on Calle Amboy. The kids can try the hot chocolate & don’t forget to order some yummy pastries to go. We really like their Ube Cheesecake!
  • Grab a tricycle and spend the rest of the morning at Corong-Corong beach. If you’ve got older kids, you can book them an introductory freediving lesson with Flo through Freediving Dimension. Rent stand up paddle boards and kayaks from El Nido Paddle Board & Co.
  • Take a lunch break of pizza and pasta at Altrove in Pops District which is also in Corong Corong. Our personal favorites are the Margherita pizza and the Pesto pasta! Not feeling like Italian food? Perhaps you can try the 100% Beef Burgers in Thery’s or the Indian Curries from Gandhi’s Revenge (both also in Corong-Corong).
  • Buy some health supplements, natural soaps and kombucha from Lawiswis Organics which is also in Pops District.
  • If you’ve got young children, a nap is in order. You may head back to your hotel or resort for this.(#NapsRule!) Some kids, however, do not need naps. If this is the case, walk over to La Plage Sunset & Beach Bar. The no-napping-energizer-bunny younger kids can continue to SUP, kayak or swim on the beach or in La Plage’s very own mini pool while the parents order a drink or two for some buzz. Catch the sunset from here. Dinner can be eaten here, too! I find the Chicken Burger yummy and I hear their chocolate cake is good 🙂

Day 3

  • Breakfast at The Cavern. Be sure to get your caffeine fix because today involves a little bit of a hike!
  • Hire a trike to Maremegmeg Beach. Go down the 80+ stairs to one of the most picturesque beach coves in El Nido. You may chill and swim OR for more adventurous types, go do the zipline for a heart-racing experience!
  • Lunch at The Beach Shack Are you vegetarian? They’ve got the Mung Bean burger for you!
  • Still got energy? Fight the urge to snooze and climb up more stairs all the way to The Birdhouse. They offer daily 4pm yoga classes. The kids can read from their library while snuggling with one of their furry friends while you go do your OM thing.
  • Early dinner at Maremegmeg Beach Bar before hiking back up the stairs (be sure to take breaks when climbing with kids!) and getting on a trike back to your resort.

Day 4

  • Have breakfast in hotel early and get your family on a van to Duli which is about an hour away from town. Today is Surfing Day! So, pack your rashguards and sunscreen. (Note: surf season is from August to February)
  • When you’ve arrived Duli, walk to the farthest left side of the cove to Duli Beach Resort. You can hire a surf instructor and rent a surfboard from here. Look for Mike. They’re really good with kids!
  • Order the Chicken Curry Meal or Fried Fish lunch from Duli Beach resort. They’re big enough for sharing with your young child. If hungry from surf, however, you’ll probably have your own meals.
  • After x amount of hours of surfing. Head back to El Nido for a quick nap in your resort.
  • Dinner at Happiness Beach Bar on Serena Street or just ask the husband to order take out if the kids have called it a day. We know that happens sometimes!

Day 5

  • Breakfast in your hotel or resort. OR go to the local market for fresh fruits and coconuts in shell for Php25 each. If it is a Wednesday or Saturday, expect more variety of fruits and vegetables as these are the official “market days”.
  • Check out Lio Tourism Estate where you can rent a bike on the beach. Not much of a biker? There’s also, a volleyball court, SUPs or kayaks for rent. Have lunch in one of the restaurants here. My husband really enjoys the Chinese food at Fat Choi. I like the beachfront set up of Globy’s Restaurant for a more international flair of dishes.
  • On your way out of Lio, be sure to drop by Kalye Artisano to meet & support some of the Palawan local artists and if they’re free, ask them to teach an impromptu music or art workshop for your kids!
  • You can choose to have dinner back in main beach, maybe try Agape for Taverna Agape for Greek food with awesome beach views and make sure to try gelato from Gusto Gelato before leaving El Nido.

That’s it! I hope you find this blog post informative. I will be editing to add more activities as I remember or try out more things to do on the island. Hope to catch you in our hOMe paradise soon 🙂

My Little Globetrotters Travel Blog Launch Party PLUS Air Asia and Jeron Travel Blog Giveaways!

My Little Globetrotters Launch Party and Our First Giveaways from Jeron Travel and Air Asia!

Woohoo! We are officially launched as a family travel blog! We are Philippine-based (for now) but consider ourselves citizens of the world!

my little globetrotters vintage globe

Just 1 week after my birthday, I celebrate in Manila at the new, beautiful and bright, two bedroom suite of Aruga By Rockwell with a group of mothers (friends, media influencers and bloggers) who share the same passion of traveling with tots in tow, of course!

mommy bloggers for my little globetrotters: irina doula, chal del rosario, indy, noelle hilario, monica manzano, em sulit, frances sales, rica peralejo, jane kingsu chen, keri zamora, andi manzano, cat arambulo antonio, kaye garcia, janice villanueva, pam begre, leona panutat, amber folkman, devaki titcomb

cupcakes by sonja and cakeshop by sonja for my little globetrotters

Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams In Ink and Cupcakes by Sonja did an amazing job of executing my vision of using vintage travel inspiration for this party! If you need awesome people to work with for a party in Manila, I highly recommend them! Not from the Philippines? I’m sure you can still talk business into flying them to wherever you’re from, too! LOL!

table set for em sulit my little globetrotters launch aruga rockwell by she dreams in ink

We had a fun-filled afternoon of delicious sweet treats, healthy juices, travel-inspired games and prizes!

aruga by rockwell set up of she dreams in ink for my little globetrotters

Some guests got to take home loot from L’Indochine, Brown Belly, Moringana,INDIGObaby, Boba Philippines, Aerosox, Wanderskye and one lucky winner received Desley luggage!

wanderskye indigobaby aerosox brownbelly moringana lindochine prizes aruga by rockwell for my little globetrotters

desley philippines luggage

For the 3D/2N stay at Momo Beach House with airline tickets for 2 to Bohol, I asked what travel means to them and these are some of the most beautiful answers posted…

Rica Peralejo‘s cute and poetic piece

air asia rica peralejo my little globetrotters

Em Sulit‘s photo

em sulit travel

and the winning piece is from Indy Ycasiano handpicked by Momo Beach House representatives!

she dreams in ink my little globetrotters aruga rockwell

Everyone got to take home some travel goodies of love from some of my favorite travel essentials Moringana superfood capsules, IndigoBaby Shoo Fly, Body Food Adventurer’s Pack with handmade, homemade all natural skin products, MOMA, Aruga, Lulu DK tattoos, Brown Belly Oil, Lagu Beach Blanket and more yummies from Cupcakes By Sonja! Take a look!My LIttle Globetrotters Lootbag

Follow the hashtag #MyLittleGlobetrotters to see much more photos from the event from all of my guests. There’s so much eye-candy going on!

Thank you to all our generous event sponsors for the first of many more future #MyLittleGlobetrotters playdates and global gatherings! Show some love and support the products that support our never ending travels!

Aerosox, Air Asia Philippines, Aruga By Rockwell, Body Food All Natural, Brown Belly, Boba Philippines, Cupcakes by Sonja and Cakeshop by Sonja, Delsey Philippines, Flow Retreats, Hillside Cafe and Juicebar, IASIS Health and Wholeness Center, INDIGObaby, Jeron Travel, Lagu, L’Indochine, The Juice Barista, MOMA, She Dreams In Ink, Lulu DK, Momo Beach House, Wanderskye

Since I am still celebrating my birthday month and I wanna pass on my blessings, here are our very first BLOG GIVEAWAYS (you may join both!)

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An overnight staycation at Midas Hotel Manila,

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  4. Winner will be announced on Oct 1, 2015.
  5. Open to non-Philippine residents, too! Yahoo!

I’ve got lots more goodies to give out so stay tuned on this blog as I will announce the next set of giveaways on Oct 1, 2015!

Lots of love, travel and adventures,

Monica aka Mommy Globetrotter


Travel Essential: Air Detox

air detox spray bottle dr schulze

If you’re a bit of a germophobe like me, you will not appreciate someone sneezing in the same vehicle as you, OR… god forbid, be seated next to someone down with a viral infection on a long-haul flight next to you and your child! Well, then, you better be armed…in an immunity-strengthening kind of way. Never compensating yourself by weakening other organs through pharmaceutical medications. I’m an all-natural and organic kind of mama!

Enter the Air Detox by Dr. Schulze, a creation of wonders! Made from all natural botnaical ingredients of 100% pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon and Organge. All of these oils are potent and have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties. It was made for the mommy in mind!

HOW TO USE: Just spray high up on the air 1-6 times to disinfect and purify the area. I do this often at home and when we are out with no shame around people because I want to protect me and my little ones from airborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens ! I’m sure you, do too, right?!

Shout out to my son’s godmother, Chicho for this amazing gift! You sure know how to lift our spirits literally with aromatherapy!

You may purchase this awesome mom and kid-friendly travel essential at $14 from Herb Doc, the official online site of Dr. Schulze, a healthy crusader and doctor who is also a healer. Rare breed these days, I say!

His bio states that he has “…a doctorate in Herbology, Dr. Schulze also received degrees as a Master Herbalist and Herbal Pharmacist, a doctorate in Natural Medicine, three degrees in Iridology and eight certifications in various styles of body therapy. Incredibly, he also possesses a yoga instructor’s degree and three black belts in the martial arts.” OOOh. I’m so sold!

Air Detox definitely goes into our #MLGEssentials list. Follow the hashtag on our Instagram @mylittleglobetrotters for other recommended travel essentials you really need for your trips with little tots!

Got other recommendations you think I would love? Please email me at

I always want to try new things for me and my kids! (all the more if its natural, organic and earth-friendly!)


Mommy Globetrotter Monica

Ferry From Penang to Georgetown, Malaysia

Sorry for the long leave of absence, folks! This family had a looot of transitions lately. Aside from moving homes, I also gave birth and started homeschooling! So please forgive me for being awfully quiet. You can still follow our Palawan adventures in social media (Instagram @mylittleglobetrotters) where I post more often.

For now, let me backtrack and give you some info on our ferry trip from Penang train station to Georgetown, Malaysia.

If you’re traveling while pregnant (which I was!) you can manage to stay in the very front of the line while waiting for the ferry to dock from Georgetown. I believe it comes every hour so we got the first ferry schedule out in the morning. The fees are very affordable, just a few Malaysian Ringgit per person!

This is what the ferry looks like.

Yes, you’re practically jammed up with cars and motorcycles so I suggest you bring out your hanky if you don’t want to inhale toxic fumes (because some motorists don’t turn their engine off during the short trip!).

Once you lang in Georgetown, make sure you know the address and name of your hotel with map to get to the place as some taxi drivers aren’t familiar with many of the newer or less famous ones.

Win a 2-Night Stay in Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong!

A few months ago, my family celebrated my son’s 9th Birthday in Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hong Kong. I blogged about that wonderful experience here.

Well, there’s been brand spankin’ new changes as The Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong is now officially rebranded as Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong!


To celebrate its new name, the hotel has been given a bright new look, complete with a top-to-bottom makeover for all its guest rooms, lobby, and other facilities. I was there in the middle of all the changes and the rooms sure do sparkle ❤

Expect to experience the new Dorsett Wanchai that is stylishly playful, beyond thoughtful, and with a taste of the urban.

The Dorsett Wanchai will continue showing its playful side through its modern and quirky interior design, making staying at the hotel a fun and relaxing experience.

The spotlight however continues to shine on the hotel’s one-of-a-kind “signature” rooms. With the revamp, now they are even better. The hotel offers 8 types of stylishly designed rooms and suites ranging up to 48 sq. m. The signature Grand Deluxe Course View Room offers a breathtaking view of the Happy Valley racecourse in front of the hotel, while its award-winning Ocean Park Family Suite, Sony 4K/3D Experience Suite,


and the OSIM Massage Suite offer guests something they are not able to experience in other Hong Kong hotels,

Hotel guests will also be invited to experience the Dorsett Wine Hour every Friday evening where they can enjoy a complimentary range of handpicked New and Old World wines to pair with scrumptious local snacks for an exquisite East Meets West experience. The hotel hasn’t forgotten the kids either, they can get their sugar hit with an enormous selection of candies at the Dorsett Candy Bar. TIP: Oooh be sure to book your rooms on Fridays!

What I admire is their dedication to craft a unique experience for every traveller through personalizing one’s stay with beyond thoughtful services such as a 24-hour Full Stay, a Guaranteed One-hour Response for in-house guests, and free premium Wi-Fi. Free use of a smart phone that includes unlimited 3G internet, Wi-Fi hotspots, and free local and IDD calls to 10 countries both in and outside of the hotel ensures every guest always stays connected. This was definitely such a useful tool for us travelers needing connection to find establishments and contact friends for meet ups in the city.

For a more personalized experience for families with children, I highly recommend the Fantastic 4 Family package which ensures all of the family members needs are catered for. The Family Quad Room can sleep up to 5 people! Yep, this is where we stayed the last time and it was so comfortable for my parents , myself and both my kids! (Sorry for the mess, room can get chaotic with two kids!)


The room also boasts an extensive range of thoughtful amenities such as branded body and haircare products, snack boxes, and in-room “sweet surprises”.


As Anita Chan, General Manager of the hotel says:

“The name change is more than just an upgrade of the hotel infrastructure. Our new credo comes with a new motto, ‘Delivering What Matters To You’ reflects our commitment to creating an unique experience by giving extra services to meet every individual’s needs while travelling.

“We have seen a number of new initiatives rolled out in the past year such as the Dorsett 3 Wishes promotion where guests can pick an additional 3 value-for-money offers from a host of complimentary services such as 3-hour access to Airport Lounge, room upgrade, and a dim sum meal at Tim Ho Wan Michelin-starred restaurant, and the list goes on. Regardless of whether you are travelling with kids in tow, a solo traveler or a busy executive who wants to make the most of their stay, you can be sure to enjoy a unique and individualized experience while staying at our hotel.”

For urban lovers and foodies like me, the hotel has created an Eat & Shop Like a Local travel guide, where guests can find information on the most up-to-date eateries within a 5-minute walk or a 10-minute drive, as well the latest boutiques, shopping malls, and department stores in and around the hotel. This guide is constantly devised and “road-tested” by hotel staff.

What my family loved the most was the hotel’s strategic location. Located between Causeway Bay and Wanchai, the urban entertainment hub of Times Square and the shopping hub of Sogo Department Store are just an 8-minute walk away (although they do offer free shuttle service all-day).

Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong

The award-winning 4-star Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong is conveniently located between Wanchai and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island giving its guests easy access to all business, shopping, and sightseeing destinations in the city. The hotel is a mere 8-minute walk to the MTR stations, Times Square and a 10-minute drive from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong offers 8 types of rooms and suites ranging up to 48 sq. m. The signature Grand Deluxe Course View Room offers a breathtaking view of the racecourse in front of the hotel. A complimentary shuttle bus service is available to 16 destinations via five routes and all rooms are equipped with 200Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi internet. Other facilities include Dining House Restaurant that serves the finest Guang-dong and Huaiyang dishes, the 3T Bar, a gym room, and various meeting spaces.

Visit for more details!

Want to win a stay in the fabulous Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong? Here’s how!

Promo mechanics:
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Winner will be announced by November 9, Wednesday on my Instagram page.

On top of this exciting raffle, we have also generated a special promo code for my fab readers, worldwide. With this specially created promo code, MONICA, you will instantly enjoy a 25% OFF all room types and packages when you book their rooms via the official hotel website. You can simply use this link (with code embedded), or enter the promo code under ‘Special Codes – Corporate/Promotion Code’ in the booking engine.


A Christmas Giveaway!

I’m feeling generous since my sponsors have spoiled me silly this year. So, for the next 5 days I will be giving away different gifts from some of these amazing homegrown Filipino brands which I use on me and my kids at home and when we travel  ❤️
Up for grabs are the following (not giving in any particular order):

1. INDIGObaby Boncho or breastfeeding poncho

2. Ysabel’s Daughter Green Apple Slimming Lotion and Coffee Arabica Firming Scrub Bar

3. Messy Baby’s trio travel friendly pack (toy & surface cleaner, pocket sanitizer, and bug repellent cologne)

4. Oasis Baby Oil by Planet Noah :100% plant-based and natural ingredients with COLLOIDAL OATMEAL, ALOE VERA and CALENDULA

5. Fluffy Pwets gift certificates worth Php900


Winner must be able to pick up the prize from San Juan, Metro Manila OR South San Francisco, California (yes I am opening this promo to my Bay Area readers! Yay!)

You must be following My Little Globetrotters on Facebook and on Instagram. Just post a photo on Instagram and Facebook with your little tots and tag @mylittleglobetrotters with hashtags #MyLittleGlobetrotters AND #MLGChristmasGiveaways

For the next 5 days, I will be choosing one winner everyday! Make sure your account is set to public so I can view it 🙂 That’s it! Good luck to my readers!


The Truth About Traveling with Tots (plus giveaways!)

Yes this blog is all about traveling with tots in tow! So here I am about to dish out realistic expectations, truths and tips on how it is to travel with kids. For all of you who wonder how it really is, read on.

It’s assumed that if you choose to travel often with your kids, you also prefer to breastfeed because, it’s will make your life simpler. No need to bring bottles, formula and clean water. Oh, it’s also FREE (That’s a big one on my husband’s books!). If you’re the shy type, then bring nursing covers. For my second child, I’ve graduated from them already because I want to show the world that breastfeeding is absolutely normal and beautiful. I just use my own child’s head as cover. It works just fine!

breastfeeding advocate

A baby carrier will be your bestfriend especially if you travel alone with your children. You will need your hands for many many things: to fill up forms at the airport, to eat on the plane and to lug your own luggage, etc. Choose a carrier that is right for you and your baby’s current age. I would go for optimum comfort.

This is the Saya baby carrier which is soft and snug at the same time. I used it a lot when my little one was less than a year old. There is a learning curve to using this so please practice way before your planned trip!

saya baby carrier

As my daughter got older and heavier, I looked for another brand that can give me better support. I brought the Boba Air with me on my recent trips to Thailand and Vietnam. This carrier distributes the weight much more evenly on my body. It’s a plus that it folds into a small pouch and is lightweight!

boba air carrier

Aside from the baby carrier, a stroller is essential too! It will save your spine from long hours of carrying. I like using strollers for when my child is asleep. The Armadillo by Mamas and Papas has the legroom needed for your child to sleep soundly.

Armadillo Mamas and Papas stroller

The downside of bringing a stroller? When you have a high need child not wanting to use it. Or if you are suddenly in a place where there are no pathways for it! This was in the subway of Seoul where we had difficulty finding the lift so my parents and my son had to carry the stroller at one point! Tip: Study places where you will be taking the stroller. Undergrounds or train stations (like in India!) aren’t usually stroller-friendly!

Prepare to be a sponge if and when your kid/s get nauseated from the trip. This is me still smiling en route to an island in Palawan after my daughter throws up on me 3 times that afternoon.  I had to throw away her onesie because I couldn’t stand even holding on to it for washing. Tip: Always bring a plastic bag for these instances! I learned my lesson the hard way.

Forget full body massages as that is out of the question (unless you get a massage in your hotel room when your baby is asleep in the bed next to yours…yeah right!) Opt instead for the foot massage and expect massages to look more like this–

or this–

Your child will fall asleep at not-so-perfect-times. Imagine this scenario: you meticulously plan your vacation of the century with so many sights and photos to be taken. Then..bam, your child falls asleep just right before you take your family photo. It happens…all the time! Learn to be flexible and just roll with it. This is me with my friend with our exhausted little ones in Pai, Thailand.

kids in pai thailand

Tell me, what are your travel truths? But before you answer that….


First prize: A stylish and lightweight black Delsey luggage from the 2015 collection

delsey giveaway my little globetrotters

Consolation prize: A Boba mini for your little one in tweet design (This is too cute! I want one for Maya!!!)


boba mini giveaway

Here are the mechanics:

  • Follow My Little Globetrotters on Facebook and @mylittleglobetrotters on Instagram
  • Follow Delsey Philippines on Facebook and @delseyph on Instagram
  • Follow Boba Philippines on Facebook and @boba_ph on Instagram
  • Post a photo on Instagram (posting on Facebook is optional but highly recommended) answering this question in caption: What are your travel truths? Tag @mylittleglobetrotters @delseyph and @boba_ph on the photo and use all of these 5 hashtags #MyLittleGlobetrottersxDelseyPH #MyLittleGlobetrottersxBobaPH #MyLittleGlobetrotters #DelseyPH and #BobaPH
  • The correct photo entry with the most likes wins. (Please follow instructions!)
  • We will announce winners on Oct 8, Friday. Winners must be willing to pick up the prize from Makati or San Juan.
  • This blog contest is only open to Manila residents only.  (Unless you will be traveling to Manila sometime soon so then you are eligible because you can pick up the prize next week!)

Goodluck! C’mon people, let’s be creative in our photo entries and captions 🙂 I look forward to receiving them 🙂

Oh, and congratulations to the previous blog contest winners:my little globetrotters blog winners


Please get in touch with me at monica(dot)mylittleglobetrotters(dot)com to claim your prize!



Our Bucketlist Travel Map for Chiang Mai and Pai

chiang mai pai travel map art

We looooove maps! They represent so much in the world of travel. Wanderlusts have maps of places they want to see and bucketlists of things to do and restaurants to eat in. Here is a wonderful combination of all by Arielle Guevara for FLOW Retreats. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I travel most of the time because I organize and teach yoga retreats for FLOW. My little tot is still breastfeeding at 17 months so she gets to tag along, too!

Today is the day we leave for Thailand. And because of recent news of turmoil, we tread carefully with prayers and good intentions to send light and healing love to areas that need it most. Follow our snippets of our adventures on Instagram @mylittleglobetrotters and @flowretreats with #FlowThailand


Mommy Globetrotter Monica