Mama’s Hour Off in Kyoto

After taking care of all 3 kids alone when my husband was sick in the hotel for a day in Kyoto, I persuaded him to give me an hour off a few days later so I can do an errand faster.

Not only did I get to do that said errand, I also enjoyed wandering the streets alone and randomly walked into a local and natural soap shop in Kyoto!

I spoke to the sales lady who just opened the shop and asked her many questions about the soaps. Despite the language difference, we did manage to communicate.

According to her, this shop is local to Kyoto and is not available in Tokyo (although she did mention that they have a shop in neighboring Osaka). What interested me was that all the ingredients are natural or organic. And everything was made by hand! It reminded me so much of my soap mentor back in the Philippines. We also do handmade cold processed soaps so I was curious on how they make theirs in Kyoto.

They also make lipbalms. Look at the bamboo containers! So innovative!

I wanted to buy these for my kids. They are similar to Chinese Jackstones but Japanese made?

They list their soaps, bestsellers and their ingredients.

Will you look at those beautiful wash basins to try the soaps? I was pressed for time so I only tried to wash my hands with 2 bars of soap.

And this section leads to the cafe!

You can have some tea while getting your foot soaked in warm water! To me this is a very unique concept but to the Japanese who traditionally practice the art of onsen, it must be normal to do this sort of thing on a daily basis?

It’s too bad I didn’t really bring enough cash with me during this walk. I would have loved to buy more (if not all.. I wanted to buy so many things!) from this local soap shop but it is probably a sign that I need to go back one day!


1F Shiratori Bldg.55 Masuya-cho,Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto, Japan

Business hours : 11:00~20:00

P. S. Do you also follow a Mama’s Hour Off during your family travels? Or are they more like Mama’s Day Off? 😂

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