Mochi Pounding in Nara, Japan

While my kids absolutely loved seeing the deers in Nara, Japan.. I had the mochi pounding activity high up in my itinerary. And guess what, my kids were mesmerised, too.

After searching, hanging out and feeding the deers, we went to look for the famous Mochi shop called Nakatanidou which was close one of the train station’s exits. After back tracking our path via Google maps, we watched the live demo which happens every 30 minutes. As soon as we got there, they were already preparing for another mini show.

After the mochi pounding demo, we bought Mugwort and Red Bean paste mochi for taking back to the hotel for us.

There is something so special about seeing local artisans completely passionate and immersed in their craft. I hope to continue witnessing and sharing these kind of travel experiences with my children.

Yes, we would totally go back for those freshly pounded mochi! So so good!


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