Nara Deer Park Day in Japan!

If you plan on going to Osaka or anywhere in Kansai region in Japan with kids, you must prioritise visiting the Nara Deer Park in Nara Prefecture!

This was the obvious highlight of my kids because you not only get to meet, but also get to feed, hang out and pet the deers which are almost mythical creatures for us Filipinos since we don’t have any deers in our home country!

Not far from the train station, we saw some vendors selling deer biscuits for 150 ¥. My son hurriedly bought some to feed any deers that might come to our path. Little did we know.. there were tons roaming!

Some are aggressive so I warn you to please be mindful because they can nudge you with their antlers when asking for food. We noticed that some deers had their antlers removed. I think it’s because they are the most aggressive ones?

Also, don’t leave any kind of paper (maps or brochures) lying around. I mistakenly left mine on the stroller which was half eaten by a hungry deer by the time I came back for it. 😩

There were a lot of places you could just find a spot, sit down and do a picnic?

Remember to bring your own snacks and drinks. Luckily, we had some Mister Donuts with us which we bought from the Kyoto Station to tide us over because we were running late for lunch.

Many restaurants close after 2pm and reopen for dinner!

My kids loved Nara and the deers so much they are determined to stay at one of the guesthouses located within the park next time we’re in Japan 😂

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