What To Do For Kids at Kansai International Airport in Osaka

1. Look for the nearest playground!

Traveling with kids mean you are always on the lookout for playgrounds. One way to ease some travel stress, get limbs moving and keep kids happy during waiting times before a flight is for them to play at an indoor playground in an airport. Luckily, Kansai International Airport in Osaka has a few. We were able to have my kids play at the one closest to our gate before leaving Japan. Note that you can only avail of the playgrounds AFTER checking in so if you want to get your kids to spend some time here, do come early.

It would really depend on where your country destination is but most international ones will have designated playgrounds near their gates.

For us, it was right next to Tully’s Coffee where I had their Honey Latte (Yum! Not available in my own country)

2. Relax at one of the aufomated massage chairs

My son used up his last 200 yen on this massage chair while he waited for me buying coffee at the cafe next to it.

3. Don’t forget the donuts!

My kids absolutely love Mister Donuts and we were thrilled to find out that there was some available at the Mosdo restaurant (a brilliant Mos Burger +Mister Donut collaboration!) We didn’t choose to eat here before our flight but we did grab some donuts to go for snacks.

They even have ice cream which we didn’t get to try because we were there before lunch.

The Japanese are big on Halloween so decor was all over even if we left Osaka end of September.

Find Mosdo at the 2nd floor in the Dining Halls before checking in for your flight. Again, go to the airport early enough if you want to explore Kansai International Airport.

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