Tamboks El Nido has reopened

Tamboks has finally reopened its doors to feed the hungry of El Nido! They were closed for a few months due to renovations to accommodate more guests.

My family eagerly waited for this Filipino restaurant to open again because it is our default choice for Sunday lunch. They have proper parking + seating space for families (rare in El Nido), and just a skip and a hop away from our home! Oh, and a real plus is that they probably have the fastest WiFi in town, too!

My kids always order the Chicken Inasal (230php) while I love the vegetarian-friendly, Laswa Soup (135php) and Tortang Talong (100php). I also like their Farm Fresh Salad (120php) and Inasal Veggies (120php).

See their menu:

Sorry, no photos of our food because we were famished that I forgot to take any. You’ll just have to trust me– this is the best family-friendly Filipino restaurant in El Nido!


El Nido National Highway, Villa Libertad

0920 914 1412


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