Kooshy Kids KUSHION Review

Screenshot_20180914-200148 (1)

KOOSHY KIDS sent us their Kooshion fo review ☺️ This wonder product which is so helpful and useful during long haul or red eye flights was heaven sent. @kooshykids (on Instagram) emphasises on stressfree travel and yes, I agree, travel can be oh so stressful and tiring especially when traveling with very young children like how I recently did in Japan. Stress levels to the max!!!

Screenshot_20180914-200137 (1)

Screenshot_20180914-200134 (1)

Here’s us testing the product during our night flight from Kansai to Manila! More legroom means happier kids and a less stressed mummy!

And yes, ADULTS can definitely also use this product as well. Here’s a video explaining HOW 🙂

For more information on how to get your hands on the Kooshy Kids products, please visit their website, https://kooshykids.com.au they currently have a spring sale at 10% off purchases! 😉

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