Out On The Streets: What You’ll See in Ho Chi Minh City

The pollution in Ho Chi Minh City didn’t stop us from roaming the streets freely. In fact, we ventured out quite bravely amidst the swarm of motorcycles and toxic emissions (which might have caused our nasal congestion later on!). We were unfazed because we were tourists. I reckon, this is something we wouldn’t do in our country, walk for many many miles with both kids in polluted streets. But, we did. And here are some of the sights you’ll see if you do the same.

Saigon Street Food Vendors: Many local vendors are out on the streets selling fruits, pho, bahn mi, coffee, etc. Be prepared to have small change for these purchases. If your stomach isn’t accustomed to street food and if traveling with children, stick to the fruits instead.

vendors vietnam

street food saigon

Be at awe at the architectural presence of the majestic Saigon Notre Dame Basilica.

Notre Dame Saigon

The facade of this sacred architectural piece was so grandiose we sat by the park across like the locals, marveling at the sight.

facade of the saigon notre dame basilica

Enter the grand Saigon Central Post Office and mail a postcard to someone special back home.

saigon central post office

inside central post office saigon

vintage map vietnam

Memories of French colonial times are still evident in many of their buildings.


A pop up barber shop on the street!

barber vietnam

Is he selling lotto tickets?IMG_1724Watch middle aged ladies practice traditional Vietnamese folk dance.ho chi minh park

And finally, get a chance to purchase those cute coconuts for a much needed refreshing drink after a walk in the hot tropical humid weather!

vietnam coconuts

Have you been to Ho Chi Minh? What other sights did we miss (except the War Remnants Museum which I will write about in a separate blog!)? We’ll definitely add it to our must-see places for our return!


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