Momo Beach House in Bohol

Momo Beach House in Panglao Island, Bohol

We just returned from a short and sweet escape to Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines! My last post was a guide to kids on what you can do in Bohol because I’ve been there 3 times already with my little globetrotters! This post is dedicated to our awesome family-friendly stay on the island. Momo Beach House is a different kind of resort because it has that very homey feel.

momo bohol

Those hammocks or duyan in Tagalog are perfect for a lazy afternoon snooze.

momo beach


I sneaked into one of the unoccupied rooms and here is a photo of the Standard Room on the 2nd floor. They honestly have better rooms so do book the Deluxe or Family Rooms when you plan on visiting. We stayed on the first floor which is child-friendly because you can walk right out to the pool or the beach.

momo beach house standard room

I was glad to be back to conduct another #FlowBohol retreat a second time around with little Maya. She was only a few months old the last time and now she’s walking around the resort!


I appreciate it when staff of the hotel are so nice to my kids. This is one of their in-house staff who took time to communicate with my darling daughter. The Filipinos in general though are very hospitable and love children!

momo beach house bohol staff

Yay for this high-chair in the resort! I notice that some hotels and resorts do not have high chairs which is a shame because it makes meal times so much more comfortable for the parents. I was traveling without my husband last weekend for work so this made it possible for me to eat more peacefully versus having Maya on my lap while we eat.  Do order the danggit or bangus for breakfast for a taste of local Filipino dishes.

high chair in momo beach house bohol

Tip: Go to the beachfront and walk to the far right side. You’ll find this amazing swing right by the shore. Playground on paradise!



Another tip: Get access to free kayaking and paddle boards at Momo Beach House.

kayak bohol

Thank you to Lagu for sending me the mommy-friendly beach blanket (now with pockets!) for my birthday! Much appreciated and so useful for all my outdoor trips!


The haze from Indonesian forest fires reached Philippine shores so there were times we couldn’t see the blue skies but this photo was able to capture the beauty of Momo Beach House’s frontage. The little hut where I am standing with baby is actually owned by the resort beside Momo though!

Momo Beach House Beach front

Check out #FlowBohol on Instagram to see more photos from last weekend’s trip!



Barangay Bil-isan, Momo Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines



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