L’usine Le Loi Cafe + Shop in Saigon

L'usine Saigon

Do you look for quaint places when traveling? We do! I was told that L’usine was a nice place to eat and has a unique shop featuring interesting finds in Ho Chi Minh City. So, we went to check it out, of course!
L'usine HCMC

There is something about this place that fit with our style. Everything is vintage themed which we love! Check out their store loot!   L'usine Monopoly

If there is one thing I totally regret not getting, it is this Monopoly set! Arg!
L'usine gameboards

Some of the items here remind me of a good friend in Antipolo. Ana Gutch of Body Food has very similar taste. I bet she would go nuts in this store!  L'usine sewing machine

Oh, glass jars. If only I could take all of you home for my dream apothecary, I would!

Many souvenir and gift ideas can be found here, too!  

After window shopping at the first floor, we went for brunch at the second floor.
lusine saigon  For a moment, we stayed outside to scope the seen with a drink.
Lusine Ho Chi Minh

Then we settled back inside for scrambled eggs and salmon while my son had their waffle. In my opinion, the food didn’t rise to it’s popularity. Next time, I’ll be back for the shopping 🙂


703 Le Loi Street

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



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