Plaza Premium Lounge in Taipei

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

Welcome to my world of traveling with young children. We’re all too familiar with the common scene in the airport. Let’s face it, traveling can put anyone, no matter what age out of rhythm. Long lines, flight delays, circadian rhythm totally out of cycle! You end up with cranky, tired and hungry kids with even more exhausted parents needing a quiet and comfortable place to rest and eat decent food!

I finally tried the Plaza Premium Lounge service at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport because we left Taipei on an ungodly hour. I do like the edgy and modern decent with clean lines and atmosphere.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

You can choose to sleep in dimly lit rooms with couches or get a working pod where you can set up your laptop and have your own space and privacy. What a luxury to have in airports!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Hungryyyy kids!

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

On the menu that evening for freshly cooked hot meals:

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

Salads, yogurt, fresh fruits to tide one over while waiting for your hot meal order.

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

hot meals taipei plaza lounge

Every nook and corner has sockets for recharging our laptops, cellphones and other electronics.

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Our little haven of peace and refuge!

plaza lounge taiwan

Filling up our bellies before another red eye flight. For the adults, there are also alcoholicabeverage

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Yawn! Children get to snooze, too!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Clean bathrooms too to freshen up right before your flight!

Plaza Lounge Taipei

Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 1 Zone D) is open 24 hours daily.

Located right above the Departure Immigration Hall, the Plaza Premium Lounge opens 24 hours a day for your convenience. Guests are more than welcomed to enjoy comfortable seating and some light food and beverages. Besides complimentary Wi-Fi, telephone service is also available to keep guests connected all the time.

4/F, Terminal 1, Departure Hall, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Book for your passes here.

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