10 Things To Do In Macampao Beach Resort & Leisure Farm in Zambales, Philippines

It’s been awhile since we had gone to the sea and I was personally going nuts being landlocked in Manila so a trip to the beach was in order! Good thing we had good reason to celebrate–> it was our 8th wedding anniversary weekend. While other couples choose to spend some quality time sans the children, we aren’t that type of family. It’s always a package deal with us, Manzanos!

macampao philippines

With both kids in tow, we hopped in the car first thing Friday morning and typed in destination: Macampao Beach Resort & Leisure Farm on trusty Waze. My husband who doesn’t fully trust Waze half the time didn’t follow the recommended route and I think we ended up staying on the road longer. From Manila, Cabangan Zambales (where Macampao is located) is approximately 3 hours away or an hour away from Subic. Prepare some snacks for the kids and yourself if you’re the type to get hungry like us 😛 Good thing I had my helpers pack boiled sweet potatoes and muscovado sugar which were perfect finger treats for my 2-year old. My husband, my son and I had egg and vegetable sandwiches for breakfast-on-the-go which I prepared earlier at home. (Oh, trust me. Home prepared food are such life savers on the road, not only do they keep your tummies not rumbling, they also taste waaay better than convenient store or fast food joints on the highway!)

Since we haven’t been to the place before, we basically didn’t know what to expect. But since I love sharing information with my readers, I’ll make it easy for you to get a feel for the place before you event set foot on Macampao. Here’s 1o things you and your family can do!

horse riding zambales

  1. Learn to ride a horse on the beach: Yep, you read that right! They actually have horses on their property which you can meet and ride. My 9 year old son had a grand time meeting Alex the horse and rode him on several occasions while we were hanging out on the beach.casa logoy macampao
  2. Tune out to the sights and sounds of nature. From our room on the top floor of the newest structure on the resort, Casa Logoy, you can see impeccable views of the ocean. The constant sound of the waves will lull anyone to sleep. My son claims he was meditating since he would get up bright and early before everyone else!macampao food zambales
  3. Feast on the abundance of food! Overnight packages come with 3 meals: lunch, dinner and breakfast plus merienda / snack and endless drinks. OMG, the Mango Shake is to die forrrrr! mango shake macampaomacampao beach resort and leisure farm zambales turtle
  4. Meet their pet turtles and get to feed them fish! My kids love animals and really opened up their eyes on the experience of feeding this gentle creature frozen fish by hand. I’m sure they will remember it for life. For the homeschoolers, this is your opportunity to take your kids out to learn about animals in a safe and fun place.macampao beach zambales
  5. Swim and sunbathe in peace! I say this because most of the time, we had the beach all to ourselves. It was certainly liberating. Other resorts, you’ll have to find a decent spot for you and your kids to enjoy. At Macampao, there is absolutely no need to.macampao zambales sunset
  6. Watch the sunrise or sunset (or both!)badminton macampao
  7. Play badminton. This is a fabulous idea if you want to bond with your little ones at the beach while being active. macampao kayak
  8. Kayaking. There are kayaks available for you and your family to use. We weren’t able to go kayaking during this trip but we definitely plan to when we return (next month!)
  9. Go fish! We weren’t able to do this too because we spent most of our time on the beach but for fishing afficionados or if you want to teach your kids how to fish, they have a fish pond where you can choose to fish your own tilapia or bangus for dinner!sand bar macampao beach resort zambales
  10. Do absolutely nothing. Yes, you’re at the beach. Might as well learn the art of doing nothing, even for just one weekend to clear your mind and help detox the body.

Hope this post helped you gain more information about this gem of a place! It certainly is family and child-friendly and we cannot wait to get back with our extended family for the holidays! They have limited rooms so you will need to make previous reservations as they do not accept walk-ins.

Macampao Beach Resort & Leisure Farm
Sitio Macampao, Barangay Arew,
Cabangan, Zambales, Philippines

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