How To Apply For Taiwan Visa Online in 5 Minutes For Filipinos

Finally, no need to go through a travel agency to obtain a Taiwan visa for Filipinos! (Disclaimer: you must have an existing visa for the following countries-US, Canada, UK, Japan or Australia to be eligible for this.)

Since we are traveling to Taipei on the first week of Air Asia Philippine’s maiden flight to Taipei from Manila at the end of this month, I just had to share with you the very easy step by step process on how we got my family’s visas in less than 5 minutes via the online application of Bureau of Consular Affairs , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) here:

how to get visa for taiwan

When you click on ROC Authorization Travel Certificate, you will be asked the ff:

how to get taiwan visa for filipinos

and then led to this next info graphic

taiwan visas for flipinos

and fill up this questionnaire. Make sure that you have your US, Canada, UK, Japan or Australia visa on your Filipino passport because they will ask for the visa number for the Taiwan visa certificate.

online application for taiwan visa

Just print and you’re ready to go! That was a breeze, wasn’t it?

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