Become A Young Eco-Explorer in El Nido, Palawan

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Palawan is truly paradise on earth and what great news to hear that El Nido Resorts’ eco discovery resort, Miniloc Island is inviting young adventurous campers ages 11-16 years old to participate in this year’s “BE GREEN Youth Camp”.

Now on its 2nd year, the camp is set to focus on discovering the island’s wild life while leading the campers in gaining a deeper understanding of one’s role in the protection and preservation of the environment. The camp also encourages independence and camaraderie through enjoyable nature and island activities.

The resort’s environmental officers organized enthralling outdoor activities such as nature scavenger hunts, bird watching, sunset kayak by the mangroves and fishing. The campers get the chance to work with the resident island chefs by cooking their fresh catch and take part in the mural painting activity at the local town. Prominent resource speakers are also invited to talk about responsible wild life interaction and the importance of environmental advocacies in the present time.

Other entertaining activities include nature hike, s’mores night in a private island and movie night screening by the sea. Before heading back to the urban life, campers are rewarded with a tour of the lagoons and swimming with Miniloc’s famous jackfish and colorful marine species at the resort’s house reef.

snorkel el nido palawan

Treat your child to an educational and meaningful one of a kind experience. Register now for October 27-30 as the camp has 15 slots only. For further details and reservations, email or call (02) 902 5934.

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