Blue Palawan: A Child’s Ultimate Playground in Puerto Princesa

What are the things that you look for before booking a resort for your family? Of course, there is a need for more than a single bed, so that all of you can actually fit! Then I reckon, you also look for a beach front property where kids can play in the sand and get some real good sunshine.

blue palawan beach puerto princesa

A pool would be icing on the cake, too! If there are any extras, that would really surpass standards especially in Puerto Princesa where you’ll have to choose between having good hotel / resort amenities OR being by the beach. Well, now you can have both and MORE at Blue Palawan.

blue palawan pool puerto princesa

My children really enjoyed this resort because it had all the fun things to do! It was the first time for my son and I to do zipline – right on the beach! Oh, it was superb! And they had two slacklines and kayaks, too! If you’re lucky enough, you get to learn how to kiteboard and go sailing on a sunset session. Too bad we didn’t get to!


zipline blue palawan

blue palawan resort slackline

slackline blue palawan

slacklining kids my little globetrotters

blue palawan kayaking puerto princesa


The rooms are awesome as well. Like I said, two beds. And well-lit room cottages. Wee!

blue palawan room puerto princesa

blue palawan room photos puerto princesa

room photo blue palawan puerto princesa

View from our room.

blue palawan cottages puerto princesa

Nothing like eating out in nature!

blue palawan resort puerto princesa

And yes, you must order their mango shake 🙂

mango shake philippines palawan

blue palawan puerto princesa

Blue Palawan
Hidden Beach (turn left at the end of BM Road)
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Air Asia flies to Puerto Princesa from Manila, Philippines.


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