Lio Villas: A Truly Kid-Friendly Resort in El Nido

We were on the look out for a kid-friendly resort in El Nido, of course! And the planets seemed to align for us because in no time we were able to find a room in Lio Villas Resort where we spent for 3 glorious nights.

hut lio villas el nido palawan philippine

Since Lio Villas is a relatively new place, you should expect that your quarters be a haven of rest and relaxation. While not being a beachfront resort, it didn’t really matter to me because you really would like to be away from the noise and crowds of El Nido beach proper.  (If you have been to El Nido town, you would understand that it can get very hectic and resorts and restaurants are an arms stretch away from each other so there is very little privacy and quiet – which is precisely what you want  and need for a vacation with children!) It is 15minutes away from the main town. Hire a trike to take you for P200.

lio villas room photo el nido

Bathrooms are a big deal to me and my family. I can forego air-conditioning (who needs it at the beach, anyway?) but we need a bathroom where we won’t feel icky not wearing slippers. I learned that concept from my husband because he has this practice of wearing his flip flops whenever we stay in questionable places — and we have, trust me! So, we were so very pleased at the size and state of Lio Villas’ bathrooms. S

lio villas bathroom photo el nido palawan

There is a swimming pool… (yay!)

lio villas pool el nido palawan

And the occasional chickens from the friendly neighbor which my kids came to stalk daily with the children of the resort owners. Oh, they’re such a friendly brunch!

lio villas el nido resort

You get to eat your meals in this large nipa hut which protects you from the heat of the summer.

lio villas restaurant el nido palawan


This resort is certainly a quiet home away from home for my family. I highly recommend staying in Lio Villas Resort if you are traveling with children to El Nido, Palawan!

lio villas el nido swimming pool

Lio Villas Resort
Church Road, Villa Libertad, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines

Air Asia Philippines flies to Puerto Princesa, Palawan from Manila. From Puerto Princesa, take the 5-hour van ride to El Nido.


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