What To Do and Eat in El Nido For Kids

Here’s an easy guide for what you can do with your kids in El Nido, Palawan.

  1. Have Halo-Halo in a native hut at the Marygold Resort in the main El Nido beach cove.

marygold halo halo el nido

2. Watch the beautiful sky burst into brilliant hues with your kids as they frolic freely on the sand with the locals.

el nido town palawan

3. Try the different food carts at the back roads of El Nido town.

food carts el nido palawan

4. Let your children exercise their balance and climb the trees on the beach.


5. While you have a real cocktail or a mocktail in La Plage Sunset Bar and Restaurant in Corong Corong, the kids can take a dip in their pool to beat the heat!

la plage corong corong el nido pool

6. Beach combing during the early morning when the tide is low is fun and oh-so-interesting for the young ones! Say hello to local doggies, too!

corong corong palawan el nido

7. Schedule a Skipper Charters tour for an experience like no other of the pristine waters and islands around El Nido, Palawan. Travel Tip: Make sure to book the Nilapacan tour to see the clearest water in the whole world!

skipper charters el nido nilapacan tour

island hopping skipper charters palawan el nido

8. Another kid-friendly pool to swim for the kids would be in Lio Villas Resort. My kids loved playing with the kids of the owners, chasing the neighbors chicken. Oh, life’s simple pleasures!

lio villas el nido palawan pool

9. Craving for crepes? Find this little joint called Belle lle in the backroad of El Nido town proper.

crepe el nido palawan

Do you have any other ideas for kids that I missed? Please share! I may re-visit El Nido soon!

Air Asia Philippines flies to Puerto Princesa, Palawan from Manila. From Puerto Princesa, take the 5-hour van ride to El Nido.


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