Mixing Hip with Comfort at the Canvas Boutique Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

If there was one thing my kids loved (and missed!) during the tail end of our recent 10-day Puerto Princesa & El Nido, Palawan trip, it is the most comfortable beds in Canvas Boutique Hotel. Yes, according to my little travel critics, those beds are unparalleled 🙂

canvas hotel room puerto princesa palawan

There is so much about this new and hip boutique hotel that is unique in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. If their walls could talk, they would tell you inspiring stories of artists that have touched and beautified their halls.

puerto princesa palawan philippines hotel

If you are traveling from a far-fetched country and want to slowly adjust to your new surroundings (ex. a tropical country which seems like eons away ) then this is certainly the best choice for you and your family.

With spacious rooms enough for a family of 4, free wifi internet access, a charming pool surrounded with trees filled with chirping birds, location and accessibility to many restaurants and other establishments, this is definitely the place to be staying to decompress after a long journey. You want convenience and that’s what they’ve got.. in style!

pool canvas boutique hotel puerto princesa

Check out the modern industrial look of their larger bathrooms (compared to most Puerto Princesa hotels, they probably have the most spacious ones I’ve been to!)

Canvas hotel puerto princesa bathroom boutique hotel

My husband appreciated the little nook where he could work undisturbed by me and the kids.

canvas boutique hotel room

My kids were super amused by the “vintage” phone. Yes, they’ve never seen a phone with curly cable wiring before and suddenly I felt old after realizing that fact.

my little globetrotters puerto princesa palawan

I loved the high ceilings and the bright and fresh feeling stepping into the lobby and their restaurant called Painted Table. You can tell that really creative people pulled this off and I totally look up to that!

canvas boutique hotel palawan

Another super nice feature is their library especially for kids. We borrowed some books to read at night and then returned them the next. Hurray for unplugging children from electronic media!

books canvas boutique hotel puerto princesa

And who doesn’t love their white native chairs?! Canvas Boutique Hotel certainly is hip!

painted table canvas boutique hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel
Puerto Princesa North Road, Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Air Asia flies directly to Puerto Princesa from Manila, Philippines.


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