Ninja Academy Philippines

ninja academy pasig

If you have a son like mine who’s got dreams of becoming a ninja, then you better work to make them come true!

In Manila, we’ve got Ninja Academy to help you manifest these for them. The dutiful mom in me decided to take my son and his friend for a trial class because I secretly also have the very same Ninja goals.

Coach Habi was assigned to lead us through our very first session. He explained to us what parkour meant. “Parkour is the functional and creative movement of a person attempting to overcome an obstacle in a given environment. It consists of natural, human movement such as running, jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging and for advanced freerunners, tumbling or flips”, as stated on their official website.

Then, he proceeded to teach us some warm ups (which we thought was so very challenging already! Phew!)

parkour ninja academy

More exercises we did together certainly exceeded my expectations of what we were capable of doing for our very first session!

I am so pleased with how hands-on coach Habi was on the kids!

coach habi parkour ninja academy

Here is proof that parents can definitely join in the fun, too!

Find their classes and rates here.

Ninja Academy Philippines
#155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig City

Follow them on Instagram @NinjaAcademyPH and on Facebook Ninja Academy PH


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