10 Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Monterey, California

  1. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium – This has got to be the most famous family attraction of Monterey. It certainly is the most fascinating and educational place for your children to spend the whole day in Monterey. Admission fees help fund their non-profit organization’s care for the animals. We actually were surprised to see so many elderly volunteers the day we came to visit! Talk about an active and loving community! Prices at $24.95 for children ages 3-12 and $39.95 for adults.

monterey aquarium foto

monterey aquarium

2. Watch Pelicans from the boardwalk sunbathe and hunt for fish. We came on such good weather and was able to enjoy a leisurely walk on the boardwalk spotting Pelicans strut their stuff for the kids!

monterey boardwalk

monterey chowder


monterey photo

3. Look for the odd beat up piano at the boardwalk! Have a treasure hunt and ask your kids to look for the piano on the boardwalk just for fun!

monterey piano boardwalk

4. If you have the time (and extra money!), schedule a whale watching boat ride which costs about $44 per person. Note that children under the age of 5 and expecting mothers are not allowed on the cruise for safety reasons.

monterey whale watching

monterey boats

5. Have fresh clam chowder at one of the Monterey Wharf restaurants. You can also choose to try the free samples and choose which one tastes the best before deciding to eat.

monterey clam chowder

clam chowder monterey

6. Eat sweet treats at Wharf Chocolate Factory! We can never say no to chocolate!

wharf chocolate factory

7. Find  your fortune from an old pirate for $1. We love cheap thrills and I wanted my son to experience this as seen in the old movies. Too bad we lost the ticket with his fortune soon after. It would have been a great memorabilia for the trip.

fortune monterey

8. Rent a family bike for $20-$30 dollars per hour from Adventures From The Sea. We saw this group bike at Solvang but I wasn’t able to take a snapshot of it being used in action. When we return with more family members, we will surely do this next!

bicycle monterey

9. Take a lovely evening stroll at Cannery Row. After dinner in one of the many restaurants lined up on Cannery Row, take a walk with your (most likely hyperactive) kids to settle the food and move their limbs!

cannery row monterey

10. Drive the 17 Mile High for stunning landscape family portraits.

17 Mile High Drive

Did I miss out on anything interesting in Monterey? Do share your recommended activities for kids and families! I’d love to hear them.


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