Solvang: We Found Little Denmark in California!

I couldn’t believe my luck. We found little Denmark in California! When we told our friends that we were planning on driving to Los Angeles from San Francisco and then back, Solvang came highly recommended. So, I researched on this little village and instantly fell in love! My wanderlust for Europe was calling. And since this charming little place was the closest thing I could get to experiencing a bit of Europe with my family, Solvang automatically went into our road trip itinerary!

See what we experienced in our overnight stay in Solvang (One night is NOT enough!):

Kitschy and vintage style boutiques for gifts and souvenirs – I love the nostalgia these shops bring! It certainly feels that you went back into time.

iron art gift shop solvang

solvang toyland

European Fashion and Gifts Solvang

Solvang Children's Shop

Delicious Danish Food Finds – Oooh my kids and I travel to eat! When we go some place new, we always look for local flavors to try. Are you the same?

danish mill bakery solvang

You can’t leave Solvang without buying and trying out some fudge!

Fudge Kitchen Solvang

I bought the Rocky Road for our super hosts in San Francisco.

solvang fudge

You just gotta have ’em chocolaaaaatessss!

solvang danish chocolate shop

solvang chocolates

Woohoo! We found the famous Aebleskiver a.k.a sweet Danish pancake balls on the street!

aebleskiver powder jam

Ordered the classic 3 Aebleskiver topped with raspberry jam and powder for $ 3.85. The hubby was grumpy hungry so I got him the Danish Sausage which he chomped down in seconds! So yummy, he says. Phew! No more foul mood. LOL!

solvang for kids

Here it is! To be eaten with much gusto! Also gone in seconds!

aebleskiver solvang

My husband caught my son and I in our foodie element! I couldn’t be any more happier than eating leisurely while people watching in cool comfortable climate. Obviously, we weren’t satisfied with the Aebleskivers so we searched for more food. Danish goodies to the rescue fresh from the bakery!

solvang eats

solvang architecture

Museums and bookstores! Because learning isn’t confined to classrooms alone. We continue to educate especially during our travels.

elverhoy museum solvang IMG_4220

I read about the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and got excited to take my kids. I was a little bummed that my daughter was napping when we got there but at least my son and I had some time to ourselves while my husband gladly watched her.

solvang hans christian andersen museum

solvang bookstore

solvang book loft

Wining Wines and Craft Brews – There are tons of beer and wine tasting cellars and wineries. Visit Solvang Third Wednesday for special deals, discounts and schedules of wine and beer walks, organic farm markets and more.

sante solvang wine

Architecture: Danish styled buildings and homes – Everything is so picture perfect! Make sure to bring your cameras for photos to send to family and friends. I’m printing some of these for my kids’ memory boxes!

solvang windmill

danish home solvang

solvang buildings

danish style architecture solvang

solvang clogs

Santa Ynez Valley, California


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