8 Things To Do in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is definitely a tourist must in Los Angeles. Here’s a few snapshots of our afternoon stroll and some ideas on things you can do with your children on your visit!

  1. Rent a bike and strap your young one in the baby seat for a fun and safe ride. You’re definitely in for a show!

biking venice beach

2. Go towards the boardwalk and have a few quarters in hand to be able to view from the public lenses. This was a hit with my son so we learned to always have spare change.

venice beach binoculars

3. Spot some body builders walking right by the very famous Muscle Beach Gym. I have no idea why this man is dressed this way. Or should I say, not dressed at all?!

body builder venice beach

4. Get a drink in one of the restaurants or cafes. The Whaler has some healthy options for the kiddos which you can take to go!

venice beach food

5. Whip out your camera for some awesome shots in the amazing blue SoCal skies.

venice beach body guard

6. Catch a Yoga or Chi Gong class on the beach.

venice beach chi gong

7.  Watch the groovy disco skaters in action. I should’ve taken a video to share with all of you! This is my absolute favorite!

disco skate venice beach

8. Use the opportunity for your colorful walk to be a nap-in-stroller time for little ones.

venice beach photo

Have you been to the very colorful Venice Beach? What other things have you done? Care to share? xoxo


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