Mountain Dew Skatepark in Metro Manila

We must have been living under a rock for not knowing about a real skatepark in our very own home town?! My brother mentioned to me that there exists one in Makati and that is just as nice as the one in Venice Beach, California.

Last Sunday, we took our little bunch to the Mountain Dew Skatepark in Circuit, Makati City. On a weekend, traffic is not bad at all. It took us about 20 minutes drive from San Juan. For people living in Makati, this is just in your neighborhood!

Mountain Dew Skatepark in Circuit Makati Philippines

I love this converted container van turned skate shop. So hipster.

mountain dew skatepark

Enter to register. It costs P100 per person which includes the helmet rental.


I’m not too sure if they also train but I did see one of the guys coaching another boy. I will make sure to ask next time we visit!

The world is your oyster, young one. Go and grab your dreams!

circuit makati skatepark

TIP: Try to go in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t too hot and you get beautiful lighting for photos and videos 🙂

kids skateboarding at mountain dew skatepark makati

Watch from our YouTube channel here.

There is lots of open green spaces too for picnics, walking and running with a toddler. This shot was taken on top of a hill which is great exercise for little ones!

hipodrome circuit makati

I hope to see you with your little active ones, one weekend!

Mountain Dew Skatepark
Hipodromo Street
The Circuit, Makati City

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