Rain in LA? Go to the Zimmer Children’s Museum!

What to do with your kids when it unexpectedly starts to rain in sunny Los Angeles? Take them to the Zimmer Children’s Museum where they can play freely despite the wet weather outside. This hidden indoor museum has tons of age appropriate activities for young ones to enjoy! From it’s street on Wilshire Blvd., you wouldn’t expect this exists because there is no signage at all. But once you find it within an unsuspecting building, oh what a dreamland for the kiddos!

Look at this infographic map for all the fun stuff you and your children can do! TIP: If I were you, know what to expect so you can plan your time wisely. We only had 2 hours for our visit before our kids wanted food for lunch. It’s too bad we didn’t know we could bring food in so we should’ve brought snacks so we could’ve stayed longer! Please do consider bringing in your own food especially for the kids (who get hungry fast!)

ground floor map zimmer children museum

lower level map zimmer children museum

I particularly like their tagline, “playing our way to a better world”. As a Waldorf-parent, I understand how crucial it is for children to do real play to grow and to learn. Check out some of our photos from that fun play day we had!

My daughter gets to be a pilot in true globetrotter fashion ❤

plane zimmer children museum

This silly boy of mine playing dead or sick in the ambulance.

ambulance zimmer children museum

And now…injured? Oh, acting like one is too much fun!

play zimmer children museum

Oooh-la-la she found a mini grocery cart which she loved. Expect that other kids will want to play with the same toys. This is a chance for you to teach one of the greatest lessons on sharing 🙂

grocery zimmer children museum

And because I mentioned sharing… this well beautifully teaches the art of sharing as taught in the Jewish tradition.

tzedakah well zimmer museum

Little girls and mommies doing their thing in the kitchen of Blue Bagel Cafe, of course! Look at us moms kneeling because everything is sized perfectly for young kids!

kitchen zimmer museum kids

My 8 year old is very sociable he always finds a friend after a few minutes wherever we go! See the message with double meaning, “What impression will you make?” The Zimmer Children’s Museum has numerous quotes and lines all over that promotes improvement of character for kids and parents, too!

shadow play zimmer museum kids

My 21-month old watching others play. She must be thinking “Oh, is this how you do it?” This real pump boat within a sea of blue balls was one of my favorites!

zimmer kids museum la

Oh, my water (birth) baby was so hard to peel from the water ways! Again, look at the message on the board, “Water connects us all. Do your actions upset or go with the flow?”

water ways zimmer children museum

And before exiting, my son showed me this area on the ground floor. A ticket booth! For?

ticket booth zimmer children museum

A live theater set up complete with costumes! Why is he looking up?

acting zimmer museum

Because, he’s on camera! Fabulous idea! Bravo!

tv zimmer museum

6505 Wilshire Blvd., #100
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Front Desk: (323) 761-8984
Email: info@zimmermuseum.org

Monday-Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 12:30pm-5pm
Saturday: CLOSED


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