The Truth About Traveling with Tots (plus giveaways!)

Yes this blog is all about traveling with tots in tow! So here I am about to dish out realistic expectations, truths and tips on how it is to travel with kids. For all of you who wonder how it really is, read on.

It’s assumed that if you choose to travel often with your kids, you also prefer to breastfeed because, it’s will make your life simpler. No need to bring bottles, formula and clean water. Oh, it’s also FREE (That’s a big one on my husband’s books!). If you’re the shy type, then bring nursing covers. For my second child, I’ve graduated from them already because I want to show the world that breastfeeding is absolutely normal and beautiful. I just use my own child’s head as cover. It works just fine!

breastfeeding advocate

A baby carrier will be your bestfriend especially if you travel alone with your children. You will need your hands for many many things: to fill up forms at the airport, to eat on the plane and to lug your own luggage, etc. Choose a carrier that is right for you and your baby’s current age. I would go for optimum comfort.

This is the Saya baby carrier which is soft and snug at the same time. I used it a lot when my little one was less than a year old. There is a learning curve to using this so please practice way before your planned trip!

saya baby carrier

As my daughter got older and heavier, I looked for another brand that can give me better support. I brought the Boba Air with me on my recent trips to Thailand and Vietnam. This carrier distributes the weight much more evenly on my body. It’s a plus that it folds into a small pouch and is lightweight!

boba air carrier

Aside from the baby carrier, a stroller is essential too! It will save your spine from long hours of carrying. I like using strollers for when my child is asleep. The Armadillo by Mamas and Papas has the legroom needed for your child to sleep soundly.

Armadillo Mamas and Papas stroller

The downside of bringing a stroller? When you have a high need child not wanting to use it. Or if you are suddenly in a place where there are no pathways for it! This was in the subway of Seoul where we had difficulty finding the lift so my parents and my son had to carry the stroller at one point! Tip: Study places where you will be taking the stroller. Undergrounds or train stations (like in India!) aren’t usually stroller-friendly!

Prepare to be a sponge if and when your kid/s get nauseated from the trip. This is me still smiling en route to an island in Palawan after my daughter throws up on me 3 times that afternoon.  I had to throw away her onesie because I couldn’t stand even holding on to it for washing. Tip: Always bring a plastic bag for these instances! I learned my lesson the hard way.

Forget full body massages as that is out of the question (unless you get a massage in your hotel room when your baby is asleep in the bed next to yours…yeah right!) Opt instead for the foot massage and expect massages to look more like this–

or this–

Your child will fall asleep at not-so-perfect-times. Imagine this scenario: you meticulously plan your vacation of the century with so many sights and photos to be taken. Then..bam, your child falls asleep just right before you take your family photo. It happens…all the time! Learn to be flexible and just roll with it. This is me with my friend with our exhausted little ones in Pai, Thailand.

kids in pai thailand

Tell me, what are your travel truths? But before you answer that….


First prize: A stylish and lightweight black Delsey luggage from the 2015 collection

delsey giveaway my little globetrotters

Consolation prize: A Boba mini for your little one in tweet design (This is too cute! I want one for Maya!!!)


boba mini giveaway

Here are the mechanics:

  • Follow My Little Globetrotters on Facebook and @mylittleglobetrotters on Instagram
  • Follow Delsey Philippines on Facebook and @delseyph on Instagram
  • Follow Boba Philippines on Facebook and @boba_ph on Instagram
  • Post a photo on Instagram (posting on Facebook is optional but highly recommended) answering this question in caption: What are your travel truths? Tag @mylittleglobetrotters @delseyph and @boba_ph on the photo and use all of these 5 hashtags #MyLittleGlobetrottersxDelseyPH #MyLittleGlobetrottersxBobaPH #MyLittleGlobetrotters #DelseyPH and #BobaPH
  • The correct photo entry with the most likes wins. (Please follow instructions!)
  • We will announce winners on Oct 8, Friday. Winners must be willing to pick up the prize from Makati or San Juan.
  • This blog contest is only open to Manila residents only.  (Unless you will be traveling to Manila sometime soon so then you are eligible because you can pick up the prize next week!)

Goodluck! C’mon people, let’s be creative in our photo entries and captions 🙂 I look forward to receiving them 🙂

Oh, and congratulations to the previous blog contest winners:my little globetrotters blog winners


Please get in touch with me at monica(dot)mylittleglobetrotters(dot)com to claim your prize!



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