Our First Airbnb Experience: A French Colonial Villa in Saigon

Our First Airbnb Experience: A French Colonial Villa in Saigon

Hello! We have just returned from my birthday trip to Ho Chi Minh City formerly known as Saigon. We’ve heard so much good reviews of Airbnb and just had to try out ourselves! We are very much pleased with our first experience! Sharing you some photos of our French Colonial Villa in District 3 of HCMC which we paid 138 USD for 2 nights only!

Here’s our bedroom which was so much bigger than almost hotel rooms (for the price you pay, it is superb!) Don’t expect the place to be as clean and obviously as new as some of the hotels because we are talking about histrocial property here.  It feels a lot like staying in a relative’s home. With sheets and furniture and all that.


Our bathroom was as big as a bedroom, too!

bath airbnb saigon

spacious airbnb bath

I really love this bird cage lamp accent. They’re all over Saigon. Next time I visit, I vow to take home one!

bird cage saigon

Here is the shared lounge space. The villa has 3 rooms, we were lucky that only our family shared it with 2 other foreign ladies who we rarely saw. So we basically had the whole villa all to ourselves most of the time!

saigon furniture

High ceiling, lots of windows and natural light coming through the kitchen. We didn’t stay long enough to do any cooking. Besides, why would we, Pho is too cheap in Saigon!

There is a garden in the kitchen. Love all the greens it is so refreshing to look at 🙂

Here’s the view from the kitchen’s veranda.

view from the terrace airbnb saigon

The only downside is the very long staircase to the rooms which is a little bit of a challenge for very old or very young kids so I had to guard my 18 month old child each time she came out of our bedroom.

Find link to this French Colonial Villa Airbnb here. And tell Pham the Manzanos from the Philippines say hello!

Have you tried Airbnb? Care to share your favorite hosts?

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