Travel Essentials For Our Saigon Trip

travel essentials kids
Tonight we leave for Saigon and I’m packing up a storm. I used to be very good at packing but these days, packing for 2 adults and 2 kids can get…chaotic.

I share with you some of the stuff were taking for use on this trip 🙂

Merry Hempsters Hemp Baby Salve. My daughter’s skin is so sensitive I need something as handy as this for daily scratches and bites.  Get yours from

Mustela’s Vitamin barrier cream is fantastic on the bum! My baby’s not mine LOL Mustela has many branches in Manila but also abroad. Find your local Mustela store near you.

Messy Bessy’s Toy & Surface Cleaner is wonderful for cleaning restaurant’s high chairs and table tops. has a wide range of all natural products for the home, kids and adults!

Baby Carrot Children’s herbal chest rub for when the kids get the sniffles. Purchase this online from Mountain Rose Herbs in the US.

Gargoyle Oil Pulling Tonic is really for me but it’s great to have VCO for emergencies. Find at

Moonshine Baby Bottom Spray from INDIGObaby is my ultimate go to for diaper changes and emergency hand wash soap (because they never have natural soaps in establishments!) You’ll be pleased to know that sells internationally.

Aura athletica’s mat spray also doubles up as my deodorizer in planes or other public transpiration. Gotta keep our surroundings smelling fresh! Aura Athletica is a local boutique in Manila with two branches in Rockwell and at Bonifacio High Street.

The Farm’s Bug and Bite Bomb I love because it acts as a pest deterrent as well as a balm for bites. Smells good too! Get it at The Farm in San Benito Batangas or at their Manila office at the Pen, Makati City.

Mustela’s derma cleansing for zero parabens, yay!

And then there’s my Lagu beach blanket which is awesome for laying kids on when there’s no chairs in sight. Instant picnic wherever you may be! Available online at

Care to share your travel essentials for kids?

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