Baby Carrier: Boba Air Review 

I am a babywearing advocate. Since my first born was 10 days old, I have chosen to carry him in a sling because of instant access to nursing and it was one of the few things that would soothe him because he cried so often during those early months.

Fast forward to today, 8 years later, I still choose to babywear his younger sister. I used the Boba Air for our last trip to Northern Thailand so I can review it for all of you fab readers!

So, what’s so special about the Boba Air carrier? First and foremost, it probably is the most compact carrier I have laid my eyes on! And it doesn’t weigh much either. I love how you can fold it into a very small pouch that you can keep inside your purse when not in use. So handy this small thing!

You can easily wear the Boba and your baby, too! I thought I would have a learning curve but surprisingly, it was so easy to snap on and carry my baby in both front and back positions. For the back option, I still needed help from one of my friends but soon enough with much more practice I think I will be able to nail it.

I was traveling sans the husband and the Boba Air truly helped me travel with much more freedom giving me the proper support, ease and security needed for my baby. I highly recommend this for frequent travelers. Make sure to add this to your wish lists for Christmas or your baby shower! It’s the best gift you can ask for 🙂

boba air travel
boba babywearing  babywearing travel
babywearing asia

To know more about the Boba Carriers check 👍

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