Mamas and Papas Armadillo Stroller Review

A Review of the Armadillo Stroller by Mamas and Papas

stroller at the airport

An attachment parent, breastfeeding and babywearing advocate like myself admit to using strollers when I travel because I practice compassion towards my body and baby. The convenience a stroller gives me when my 17 month old sleeps while in transit or when I lay her down so I can eat a decent meal is so very crucial to my sanity during the early childhood years. I took the chance to review the Armadillo Mamas and Papas stroller during our recent Thailand trip for all of you readers 🙂

Armadillo Mamas and Papas

So what’s so special about the Armadillo?

For one, I love that the stroller’s hood gives MAXIMUM protection against all types of weather: strong winds, harsh sun or rain. I can’t help but remember the time my daughter got drenched in Hong Kong when it began to pour because the stroller I used didn’t have a decent hood! Here’s another story I will share with you: An old Chinese lady started reprimanding me because the air vent of the fan in one of the stores of the theme park was directly hitting my daughter. She literally pulled whatever clothing there was on the stroller and asked me to cover her up! Maybe if I had a more protective stroller, she wouldn’t have?

Another useful thing the hood provides is safety and privacy. We all know that many strangers get too close to our kids and some even have the nerve to take photos or try to touch our precious babies! The warrior mama in me doesn’t allow such and having a stroller like this really sheilds our little ones from those annoying  types!

mamas and papas stroller

Another key feature is the expansive leg room. Think of it as giving your child the first class seat of strollers. Compared to other strollers where my little one is forced to bend her legs in seated position all the time, on the Armadillo, she is able to extend her legs in comfort during long waits in the airport. And you know that you will have many long waiting periods for all your trips!

Admittedly, it is not as light-weight as the Mclaren stroller I have at home because it has those extra features mentioned above which an umbrella stroller doesn’t have. So, prioritize according to your needs.

This is how your stroller looks folded and standing.

Mamas Papas Stroller Folded

You also have the option to lay it down and maybe store it like so underneath a cabinet or the bed.

stroller fold

You may find out more information on the Armadillo Push Chair (as they call it!) here.

Check out this oh-so-chic video by Mamas and Papas. It will make you wish you were traveling around Europe with it! LOL 🙂

Mamas and Papas


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