Chiang Mai Walking Street Market

When I travel, I gravitate towards FOOD. It’s a little tricky for me because I don’t eat meat (and choose the same for my kids) but Chiang Mai proved to be an easy place to be vegetarian with many plant and fruit based options to try!

chiang mai night market

For our 2nd night in town, we strolled along the Chiang Mai Walking Street Market which gets really jam packed! Let this serve as a warning to be prepared for the sardine-like scenario below.

TRAVEL TIP: Wear a belt or body bag and keep kids close to you at all times.

There was this really cute and talented young girl singing pop songs which amused us for a few minutes. 
Check out some of the food and drink offerings you can find in the Chiang Mai Walking Street Market. Most of them are healthy, too!

chiang mai walking street eats

I ordered the iced lemon grass drink which my daughter loved! How cute are these clay pots?! 

Where can I find this egg / pancake maker?


Fresh passion fruit juice for so cheap! Wanted to drink all of the juice! 

The deep fried Corn fritters were so yummy!!!

  I am a fan of sticky rice delicacies so I had to try the Sticky Rice with Red Beans which is really filling!


There wasn’t any space anymore in my tummy for this homemade coconut ice cream. But if I find myself back in Chiang Mai I will definitely give this a try!

Chiang Mai Walking Street

Rachadamnoen Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand


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