Celebrating Your Child’s Birthdays: Do You Party or Travel?

When your children hit their birthdays, do you throw a grand or intimate party? Or do you choose to travel?

We’ve personally done both but if you ask me what I like doing,  I prefer the latter for many obvious reasons. You are reading from a family travel blog, after all!

When my son Santi was little, we would leave for beach trips to celebrate birthdays and everything else. It was so easy to leave for impromptu trips- just me, my husband and this little baby boy.

Montemar Beach, Bataan, Philippines
As he got older, celebrations inevitably changed. Here was a very intimate celebration of Santi’s birthday at his Waldorf School. They told of his birthday story which put me to tears and had a simple meal together with his Kindergarten classmates.

Then came a point where he asked to celebrate like his friends do. And so we obliged and threw him simple parties with close family and friends.

Santi had a Yellow Submarine Beatles-inspired party for his 6th birthday.

His 7th birthday was Minecraft themed as he requested.

For his 8th birthday, my son spent a whole day at Ocean Park, Hong Kong!

Then he was lucky enough to discover Korea on the very same birthday month with his grandparents!

While this little girl spent her first birthday quietly with very few family members in Prado Biodynamic Farms in Pampanga, Philippines.

While spending for a grand party for family and friends may also have it’s benefits of sharing the festivities and fun with more people, I do think that it’s also important to choose solemn celebrations once in awhile. Choose to travel and bond with the few people that matter. These intimate moments will be cherished for a lifetime.

So, for your child’s next birthday, do you party or travel? ☺️


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