Review: Sapu Lidi Resort and Spa, Ubud


Our final night in Bali after closing the #FlowBali (check out photos from Instagram!) Yoga Retreat was a real treat given it was spent at the luxurious Sapu Lidi Resort and Spa.

Sadly, we arrived after our Big Tree Farm Chocolate Factory tour in the late afternoon so I only had a few hours to take it all in amidst the sunlight before it got too dark for photos. Please share my delight in these snippets of the resort surroundings!

Doors and pathways always lead to a destination worth taking!

My kids like big beds. They roll around and sleep in funny positions. This passed Maya’s standards alright!

Look at this lake view room! I really wish I had stayed longer! My husband would’ve loved to stare out from here. I’m hoping to be back (crossing fingers and toes!) so that he can experience this room for himself, too!


Maya had a visitor, a local friend named Tala. These little globetrotters had a flower staredown. Too cute for words!

I was glad to catch one of the local staff with her offerings for the day. It is one of the characteristics I love about the Balinese people, their sense of spirituality is embedded in their daily rituals. So very beautiful!

If we didn’t stop them, these kids would’ve jumped into the pool!


Dine in their restaurant and look out peacefully out into the rice fields. Very iconic of Bali. This is my daughter playing with one of her godmothers who joined us for the retreat 🙂




This organic bridge leaves no trace when it dilapidates. I’m digging the green architectural design! Bravo, Sapu Lidi!


And their bathroom is totally my kind of style.   If you love bathing in the outdoors, underneath all the stars and the moon, then book this resort for your next Bali stay! I reckon you can teach your kids all about the constellations on a clear night from there.

Ended on a Bali high with a much needed traditional massage with one of their local therapist. I promise you her hands were magic!

Sapu Lidi Resort and Spa

You may book through Agoda for real good deals here. Enjoy your stay!


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