Seoul Food: 15 Things To Try

Aside from travel, most of my personal budget goes to food. Nevermind shopping, I make it a point to see what each destination has to offer, making our tongues tingle and tummies happy 🙂 It’s a very straightforward way of teaching my kids all about another’s culture…through food!

Take a photo journey to some of the food we’ve digested (or not!) in this trip 🙂

Insadong Street Food

1. Rose shaped yogurt ice cream -this was not good. I was merely smitten by it’s beauty.

2. Homemade French Madeleines by a real Frenchman! Yes, it seems that the Korean’s are obsessed with all things French, says my own mother. Of course, we bought a pack because he was so convincing.

3. Rice Juice – We didn’t get to try this because it was at the tail end of the main street so we were already full by then. This is something I would most definitely drink because of its health benefits!

Lotte Mall Grocery & Foodcourt Finds

4. Huge, fresh and ripe strawberries and cherries (rare in Manila) make awesome superfood snacks!

5. Softree’s soft served Ice Cream made with organic milk topped with real honey comb. How can I say no to organic ice cream? My kids enjoyed this as much as I did! Someone says we now have this in Manila as well?

6. Lotus phobic’s beware of this… Lotus Bibimbap. I didn’t try this but it seemed nutritious?!

Myeongdong Streetfood

7. My ultimate favorite – the REAL strawberry-filled red bean mochi!!!! It tastes as yummy as it looks! Since it is one of the best tasting treats I have ever tried in my ENTIRE life, it has to have the most photos 🙂 Santi and I devoured a few pieces in one sitting.   

Anyone going to Seoul and coming to Manila afterwards? Please bring me home a box! I’ll trade it for a healing yoga class 🙂

8. Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Good for the reproductive system!

9. Turkish Ice Cream – Can you tell by now that they do love their dairy? I didn’t get to try this either but I do want to next time I visit!

10. Dragon’s Beard Candy. Now this is special because the merchant took his time to engage us, made it from scratch infront of us while explaining each step. He even gave us a free sample. My 8 year old son, Santi thought it was pretty cool.

11. Freshly pressed orange juice – you may choose to have it with or without ice.

12. Potato chips. No explanation needed except it tasted superb! Oily and crunchy junky snack.

13. Banana flavored milk from the local grocery mart close to our hotel. My friend says this is their flavored Yakult.14. Crepe cake slice from a cafe behind our hotel. Back in MNL, I love love love Dessert Du Jour’s crepe cakes so wanted to check if it tastes as good. Apparently, not.

15. Traditional Korean Meal -Thanks to my Korean friend, Woochae. She took us to Aunt’s Home (It doesn’t have an english name but this is the translation of it’s Korean name). a non-touristy local restaurant in Insadong on our last day in Seoul. 

Location: 5-3, Insadong 14gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

This meal was probably the best one we’ve had in the whole trip! Because I don’t eat meat, I can live on appetizers alone. And Korean food has tons of apetizers or what they call, “Banchan”.

I am now back in the Philippines and looking at this photo makes me crave for Korean food. Must head to Kaya Korean restaurant for my fix soon!

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