4 Useful Travel Hacks for Babies: as seen in Seoul

1. Raining? No problem, use the ring sling baby carrier as protection for your baby. I am using the Next9 sling which you can purchase from INDIGOBaby.

2. I can’t praise breastfeeding enough for endless advantages in baby travel! Free accessible health food anytime, anywhere!  Maya wanted to feed in the middle of a cultural show… Sure, why not?!

3. Do bring paper and crayons with you for long bus, train or airplane rides. Save your children’s artworks together with photos from your trip for a memorable album. This was snapped at our 1.5 hour bus ride from Myeongdong to Everland theme park.

4. Always ask for a high chair or “baby chair” in restaurants (and hope that they have it!) so you can eat at peace. Last meal was eaten at Bennigans, Incheon international airport. Yay for high chair with wheels!

Got anymore baby travel hacks to share with me? I want to learn more!

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