3 Tips On How To Save For Travel

1. Get Creative: My friends over at Mommy Mundo collaborated with Child Hope Asia Foundation and gave away cool saving cans which I wrote about here. I personalized one of the cans for our TRAVEL FUND.

Each week, I allocate funds and sometimes make my 8 year old put the money inside. My goal is that by the end of the year, we would have saved enough money for another family trip.

2. Control Costs: This requires discipline. One of my biggest expenses is food and I try to control my spending on weekly groceries to be able to funnel savings into the travel fund. Tip: It helps to do the groceries on a full stomach!

3. Eyes On The Prize: It certainly keeps you focused on saving when you have a goal or a clear picture in mind on where you want to go. I printed a colorful animated map with on our wall for us to see and remember at all times.  At night, I integrate stories that include various regions of the world for my son to learn about different cultures which he loves.

Please share with me your savings tips, if you’ve got some creative ones! I might just apply it, as well 🙂

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